Exploitative Gameplay

Oh thank you blizzard, and thank you kerg for looking out for me, and stopping my addiction. I was too addicted to the game, and needed to be forced to limit how I choose to play it. Ty guys, you are my unasked for heroes.

You missed the point. A gallon of vodka is still a lot of vodka.


can the 5 people spamming every single thread to bring up hotfix nerf just quit already holy crap

banti made over 400 posts yesterday alone, not counting his alts

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You litterally necroed like 5 threads from 4+ days ago to bump these threads off the forums Shin.

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alrighty alex jones

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And on top of that you also posted in every single thread thats even related to this subject. To the point where like 50 people marked all your comments as spam and reported you.

This part…

… is the part that I think refers to exploiting pathing. I don’t actually think they’re targetting boosting here. Quite frankly, I don’t think that’s a problem. It’s the folks who have found ways to to exploit game mechanics, such as pathing, to far exceed what Blizzard considers normal amounts of experience.

Frost mages kiting groups in SM and mass AoE’ing them down is probably not what they’re after here.

I can’t say for certain though, this is just how I see it :slight_smile:


He wants another forums suspension. They only increase in length and with Blizzard’s logic they barely pay attention to what is posted. It’s easy to end up with a 30 day forum ban for a very minor offense, but Blizzard uses your history as their reasoning.

The guy is clearly just a troll though.

Running dungeons is an unintended consequence of having dungeons in the game, thus running them is explotation and must be stopped. Just delete dungeons and pretend the never they never existed at this point.


I would agree with your assessment. I remember playing other MMORPGs in the past where exploiting MoB pathing was a bannable offense. Not a suspension. Not a “slap on the wrist”. Your account was bannned. Your character(s) was/were deleted along with all the ill-gotten goods you had exploited from the game. You couldn’t even run to the forums to start protests or claim you were being “oppressed” because your account was BANNED!!


This change is much less punishing than that and I personally believe that a lot of people should be grateful that it is. Remember, at the end of the day it is Blizzard’s game and they, not the players, get to decide what is exploitative and what is not.


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No. Those aren’t exploits. Those are perfectly legitimate ways to play the game.

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I’m not sold on mob pathing. Kiting is legit. Glitching probably not.

That said, Blizz hasn’t fixed a lot of stuff with terrain that negatively affects legit game play. Like being able to just shoot through walls and mountains and whatnoth. So I’m not fussed about it, it cuts both ways.


Definitely a possibility,

Based on their syntax though:

The comma here denotes the conditional statement afterwards relates to the preceding term. Thus, gameplay automation tools are usually used for farming resources or killing enemies more efficiently.

They don’t elude otherwise, nor is there a secondary comma after the or, indicating these conditions refer to gameplay automation.

I could easily name a couple of dozen who have done that. From both sides of the issue. For example that druid Matukas who is upset about this making it more difficult to farm MCPs hasn’t missed any slightly related thread on this subject. I’m not complaining, I don’t care how often anyone posts here. But if it’s a problem for you shouldn’t you be as upset with Matukas as Shinree for posting too often? Or is it just that you don’t like someone posting too often to disagree with you?

Blizzard doesn’t always outright ban for abusing an exploit, sometimes they adjust the game to curb the behavior.

Don’t do me like that dog, I’ll get the shakes

I think that refers to bots not having to take breaks to eat, sleep, use the bathroom, etc.

It could be what you say, of course, but that’s what I see in that sentence.

Just because no one has been banned doesn’t mean that it isn’t a behaviour they would like to minimize a bit. It is still quite possible that the limit was both part of an overall strategy of controlling botting and to mitigate a behaviour that seems to be much more prevalent in Classic than it was in Vanilla.


Thank you for this post.

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They never said banned all exploits.

Look up an exploit definition.

I believe it’s to make it more in line like vanilla exploitation. Which I guess is 30 instance a day. It’s like hitting multiple birds with one stone.

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