Exploit: Summoning infernal on non-flagged players in Cenarion Hold causes guards to attack non-flagged players

Yep. Im enjoying doing it, I know I shouldn’t but I’m fel infused and I can’t help what the corruption tells me to do.

But I’m not gonna sit here and deny an obvious unintended, unfair thing.

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This serious bug still isn’t fixes. Blizzard…?

I suspect it’s not a very simple fix, but I’m worried blizz just wants to ignore it.

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I am worried about this as well considering Blizzard’s extremely poor level of communication with their customers as well as confirming last week that they have zero development staff for Classic and instead they borrow developers from Retail rarely.

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I’ve been saying this for a while now. People think I’m just being jaded, but it makes sense.

I wish they’d spend some real time on polishing Classic Wow. Lots of stuff is still buggy.

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It seems like it’s something to do with batching just base don the behavior of things happening out of order.

So it’s likely both not trivial to fix and also blizzard has been unwilling to admit any issues with batching to date.

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Lets just hope they don’t bother with excessive batching or leeway in TBC. I don’t want bespoke recreations of technical limitations from 15 years ago.


I don’t know about light’s hope but being attacked in goblin towns doesn’t cause the guards to jump in on murdering you. They actually protect you.

Anyway the infernal exploit needs to be fixed.


My guildie thinks this is hilarious and keeps doing it. It does seem like a bug - and it should be fixed - but it’s close to PVP on a PVP server kind of stuff.

Amen! Neede to get fixed ASAP.

I mean, why on Earth is Blizzard ignoring vthis huge exploit?

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Depends on your reputation actually, as per Blizzard’s own post:

Given it is an combination of order-of-operations flagging with the unique PvP flagging behavior of an Infernal, a fix is unlikely and it really isn’t much of an exploit.

You are incorrect in everything you’ve said.

Reputation does not matter in the slightest. If you are in Cenarion Hold, Exalted or Neutral, and completely AFK, and somebody drops an Infernal on you, and you don’t even fight back (you’re afk, perfectly still) guards will immediately attack you, the person the infernal was dropped on, + all people that infernal hit, and guards will not attack the Warlock.

This is an obvious exploit.

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Take it up with Blizzard, not me.

brain dead

This still is not fixed.

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You mean instead the raid portal from safe spots exploiting out of bounds unreachable areas normally? Cause on my server you can see 200+ people a week get summoned behind and instaance portal or on top of the aq walls and be untatgetable. The only way to get theres is fly hacking or exploiting.

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If you’re a mage Ice Barrier / Fire Ward prevents the damage from pushing you into combat with the guards. I can’t say for Priest Word: Shield never tested it

Just simply cast Ice Barrier etc upon hearing a lock summoning an infernal if you have Gladiator Losa14 Add-on

Not true. You can get above the AQ gate with completely legit wall jumps. It may cost you several hours and a dozen stacks of Noggenfogger’s, but you can do it.

Unfortunately the guards still attack you. Seen it tried.

This exploit is real bad.

Saves me, not sure what you are doing wrong