Exploit (Chromie Time) still not fixed, Burning steppes spot CAME BACK 26 OCTOBER

Hi there!
Chromie Time has a bug some people use it.
A 60+ LvL character stays in Chromie Time after disabling sync
Found it:
Hey everyone, I can share how they are doing it. Basically if you take a character outside of chromie time (so a 60 + or someone who is in normal time), and you party sync with a character who IS in chromie time, then have the chromie time character mount a multi person mount, the character outside chrome time but is in party sync jumps on a seat THEN once your on the mount as a passenger you can switch off sync . You stay in the party sync phase but return to your normal level.
This video shows the exploit:

I hope Blizzard will fix it because some people say it’s been working since the beginning of Dragon flight.
Abusers have been using this exploit for a long time.


I confirm that it works :saluting_face:

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This exploit isn’t fixed.
These people use it.
1.2+ million raw gold a day from 1 account
1 account is worth 300k gold in wow tokens
BTW It’s been working since the beginning of Dragon flight

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it’s still working

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Report the players. Over and over. Njörðr-Thrall US seems to be the ringleader in my case. That was the level 70 player killing anyone who got too close to the bots.


This bug is actually gamebreaking, since it’s causing mass influx of raw gold, increasing token price, which is making average player life harder. Blizz, please, notice this and fix ASAP


At the moment we have:

  1. A high-level character stays in chromie time without changing level.
  2. Any character can get level scaling from chromie time but the character is in normal time without chromie time (reverse exploit).
  • we need 3 characters(first and second characters have no chromie time . The third character has chromie time).
  • First and Second in the group (Second character sits on the first character)
  • The second character leaves the group. Second Character stays sitting on the first character without their group.
  • The third character invites the second character into the group and synchronizes the group.
  • The second character stays in the normal world without chromie time, but the second character has level scaling as in chromie time.
  1. You can disable WarMode and stay in WarMode. 2 characters with WarMode turned on are in the rest area. The second character sitting on the first character disables WarMode and stays in WarMode with WarMode disabled.

All of these bugs and exploits work because of getting stuck on another character’s mount or various toys that you can sit on.
When you change layers, when you change sync, when you change war mode or other manipulation, the character should jump and not get stuck.
I think it takes about 5 minutes to fix this problem in the code.
Now we need to make Blizzard see this message so that some people stop using this exploit.


Too hard to fix then go use.
:dracthyr_hehe_animated: :dracthyr_hehe_animated: :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

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27.07.2023 bag NOT fix

some methods have been fixed
but not all
bots have switched to monk
Turns out these bots use 1 key for 5 accounts OMG
That’s why they’re standing there and they don’t care about bans
Is there anyone left alive at blizzard
or just robots and neural networks? :woozy_face:


Helli, but how can you play with 1 key 5 accounts?

You can have as many as 8 or 9 wow accounts under 1 battlenet account and you can log them all in at the same time. They don’t need to have the current expansion or even have gametime attached to them since blizzard allows you to play free up to level 20 with some restrictions.

The way these people are using the extra accounts however to run bot programs is totally not legal and very much against blizzards ToS concerning multiboxing.

Now don’t get me wrong it’s not multiboxing that’s against the ToS it’s the automated programs used to mirror keystrokes to multiple wow windows that’s not allowed.

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I meant how one token can pay for 5 accounts?

monks without equipment kill with one hit, why? cheat?

The exploit is still working.
Blizzard removed the spot farming in burning steppes and banned bots every day
The token is down to 364k.
The bans ended and the bots came back.
The token went back up to 400k.
Bots have gone to other spots
Maybe you need to change something in chromie time there are 1000 bots.


I wonder if this is why tokens are 300k+ right now.

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Thanks for the info, since this isn’t fixed for many months it must be OK to abuse this for free gold.



Allready fixed in today’s patch, so ppl cannot still make this chromie time thing.

The bug works
Spot that was fixed works again
500k - 1000k gold per day bots on spot
4 months sending reports
4 months bots are banned, but Blizzard does nothing about the bug
Remove the spot
Remove farming in chrome
New vid uploaded