<Exploit> [Area-52] Tu/W/Th 10PM-1AM PST LF DPS for S4/DF

still need some friends!

more mythic sylv prog!

bump frands!

bump! we saw p3 on sylv this week!

we like cookies but tacos are better.

working on second platform in p3 on sylv! bump for more!

more frands! :slight_smile:

more late night friends :slight_smile: apply or reach out! :smiley: More sylv progress!

bump for more frenz

i like frends!

more late night players! :slight_smile:

up and up for late night!

Need a mage to join you tonight? XD

more p3 prog! 62% best pull

bump for friends!

bump for dps!

bump for 9.2!

9.2 is out!

and people we still look for!

new tier who dis