Explanation for blizzard?

Just curious if there has been a blue post explaining how beta “invites” work at the moment for classic. Things such as when the next batch of “invites” or activated beta accounts can be expected. If not all is well and I will just keep checking daily but that would be much more helpful.

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Appreciate the attempt but unfortunately not what I am looking for. Cheers though. Was hoping that they had like a set date where they would be adding more people into the beta.

I don’t believe we have any information on future waves at this time.

It’s kinda random, all up to the devs.

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They didn’t give that info. However, waves are going out every so often. I’m sure in time you’ll receive yours if you meet the requirements

THere is literally a pinned blue post on this… Videos released yesterday from the developers. Google is your friend.

They said small beta. I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

@spambeesly Daily? I am checking at 5 minute intervals myself.

They’ve never had a pre-scheduled date open to the public about when beta invites are going out. Ever. Just check once a day, once a week, and don’t get your hopes up.

Theres not though, ive looked at google and the pinned posts. The only one that even comes close was already linked above.

I’ve yet to get into a beta for WoW so its whatever if i dont get in just would like to know when to check instead of checking daily

Hi, I wanna play Beta