Experienced Resto Druid looking for Mythic SLG & Sire

I am a looking for a guild trying to achieve CE before the next tier. I unfortunately went on vacation and the guild I was in got CE and stop raiding until next tier. My Resto Druid is 227ilvl with all BIS gear, and I am 8/10mythic and have over 250+ pulls on mythic SLG. I have been in 2nd intermission multiple times and 3rd phase a couple times, with epic parse attempts. I also have watched the Mythic Sire encounter a dozen times. I would be willing to skip SLG and jump right into mythic SIRE at this point. Please leave contact information here and i will get back to asap. I have saved my raid lock out for the week and I am ready to go on a moments notice. Looking for chill sensible people!!!

def interested in talking and going over logs with you

still looking for a solid Mythic raiding guild and to finish this tier!

hey added you on bnet but was out yesterday and missed your message

Whats up, im chill sensible people

Awesome, what is the best way to contact you, i got some questions?