Experienced Multi-Role LF late night guild & M+ team


I am currently looking for a guild to play with, as well as a M+ team now that I’ve settled into my new job and know my active schedule. I cannot be on until after 1:00 EST, preferably looking for something that starts around 1:30, 2:00 AM EST. Currently playing casually, and devoted to various toons, I am ~1300 IO and 2/9M, leading various AOTC groups for both G’Huun and Lady Jaina. I also come with both M+ and raid leader / officer experience, knowledge of how to build specific WeakAuras and etc.

I am currently playing Windwalker and Brewmaster Monk (405 / 404.5), Havoc Demon Hunter (382), Balance / Restoration Druid (393 / 392 ), Shadow / Holy Priest (404, 400) Whilst improving at Discipline), and Protection Warrior (366, Working on making this my main M+ tank, and to play Fury as well).

I will be leveling up and gearing my old main (Death Knight), as well as my Paladin and Shaman, and if I have the extra time I will be leveling my Lock and Rogue.

Willing to get logs this week, or trial through Heroic or Mythic.