Experienced Heroic Raider Looking for Sun/Mon/Tues Raiding


Experienced raider here looking for a semi-casual guild to move my mage to for raiding. I’m just gearing her up now (yeah yeah, I boosted her- had to use that 120 boost on something, and mage is a blast!) Been raiding since Hellfire Citadel on my druid, and have AoTC for most of the raid tiers since then. I’ve mostly been healing on my druid, and it’s time for a change, hence the mage.

Only reason I’m moving the mage is due to a schedule change at work, I can’t make my guild’s second raid night, and I’d like to progress through the next raid tier if at all possible. I’m not interested in a server transfer.

There’s gotta be a guild that raids in the beginning of the week on Alleria/Khadgar that would welcome a low-key, solid raider?