Experienced Enhancement Shaman LF Mythic Guild


Introduction: Hello, my name is Shane. I have been playing World of Warcraft since 2010 when I was only 12 (21 now). I have over 6000 hours played total and have covered every aspect of the game over the years. I have previous mythic raiding experience in MoP and Legion, with my primary focus in WoD being PVP.

What I’m Looking For: I’m looking for an alliance guild (I am willing to pay for my own server transfer), that already has Mythic, experience and is looking for an enhancement Shaman for their core team. I WILL NOT CONSIDER HORDE GUILDS. Any raid times are fine, even mornings. Pref 9+ hours a week.

Why You Should Choose Me: First off I want to say - yes I am undergeared. I tried so hard to like this expansion pre 8.2 but I just couldn’t do it. That being said I am willing to do anything and everything I can to bring my gear back up to par. I am a dedicated player, with a lot of free time currently and a lot of prior experience with both mythic raiding and enhancement Shaman. I will also pay for my own transfer as noted above.

Prior Experience And Contact Info:
MoP -
SoO: 14/14M
ToT: 12/12H
HoF: 6/6H

Legion -
EN: 7/7M
NH: 8/10M
ToV: 1/3M
ToS: 6/9M
ANT: 9/11M

Note - The primary reason for not getting every kill in each raid is because most of my mythic experience post MoP is pug raids.

Contact -
Bnet: L3X#11907
Discord: Karixma#9661

TLDR: Semi-Undergeared enhancement Shaman LF core raid spot on a solid mythic progression team. Plenty of mythic experience and class experience. ALLIANCE ONLY.