Expectations for Shadowlands Launch

Blizzards back end on launch day.

Thanks, appreciate the info.

Sorry if this has been answered in the thread, but… does this mean the servers are not actually going down immediately prior to the launch? So, like… we could just be hanging out in the game for eight hours prior, and then the “A Chilling Summons” quest will suddenly appear at the designated time? Without having to sit through a crush of everyone trying to log in at once?

this is correct

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Yes sir! lol it will launch and dc everyone im guaranteeing

Far too much stress on servers

This thread should be on the top as a sticky. I can’t believe just seeing it two days later.

I expect to be at first overwhelmed by all there is to do; frustrated/annoyed by bugs, lag, and gogogo players; but ultimately excited/hopeful cuz it’s a new expansion.


From what everyone says about SL being on rails, that’s going to take longer than it usually does. Gonna be fun for the WPVP crowd.

That’s correct.


I am both excited and scared!

Scared of the starting experience with literally EVERY player being funneled into the same zone and quests. How was this a good idea? I mean every expansion since Wrath has broken up the player base at launch because they learned from BC that having everyone in the same area made for a horrible experience.


I expect a lot of lag , whine, cheese, exploits from the players and a lot of apologizes from Blizzard.

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Cannot wait! Let’s party!

“Okay chums let’s do this!”

Just wanted to say thank you to the dev team. Really stoked for this expansion, been following the changes and feedback for months and it really feels like the dev team is listening. I know you guys work hard and I really appreciate it. Thank you!

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So Spend 1 hour doing Pilgrim’s Bounty then? Ok :smiley:

Oh Expectations - based on beta play, I expect to get to 60 within 2 days tops. Unless the bug at the end of that one zone wasn’t fixed >.>

That’s silly. All of the players will already be logged in. All of the players will already be waiting outside the capital cities.

There will be NO increase in server population when SL is turned on. There will be NO reason for a DC, a crash, a queue, etc.

Those things could happen BEFORE 3 pm, because so many players are logging in and going to the same spot. But not AT 3 pm.

Does this go by our local times or the times global release times?

why is blizz ignoreing all the people annoyed about bc timewalker event being canceled lol