Expanded Potential?

What is it’s potential :laughing:? Is it good to mess around with or don’t bother :unamused:?

It’s a waste of data in the game just like the generic legendaries.

Ahhhh, yes. That’s what I was thinking about all the legendaries in general. Except for the go to’s of course.

The proc rate is too low, and it only procs off Arcane Blast, Fireball or Frostbolt. It needs its proc rate increased and to also proc off of Arcane Explosion, Flamestrike and Blizzard.

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do you know the go to stats for the Arcanic Cull Legendary build? Like what my mage should be aiming for if i’m not running siphon storm build.

Using Arcane Harmony is preferable to using Arcanic Cull, if you don’t wish to run the Siphon Storm build.

That being said, Arcane’s preferred stats in M+ don’t really change no matter the cov/leggo/talents, and 25/15/25/15 is a good area to be around for secondaries.