Exiles Reach

Well first of all, new players will have no idea which choice they should make because they have no idea what the difference is. That being said, they do have the choice in that once they do Exiles Reach they can do the race zone with an alt.


I am at a place that I don’t want to do any of that nonsense anymore. I realized recently I have been rolling alts that start at level 10 just to avoid newb zone.

Make 1-20 tutorial levels and steal a page from DAOC and allow players the option to /level to 20 if they already have a max level toon.

The game has a lot of time sinks that need to be revisited.

We get new players?

Seen at least 3 post this week saying they were new. Or was it 5 in the last two weeks? I can’t recall.

Huh, just assumed it was either trolling or “Here’s a new alt” kind of thing.

Maybe! But the posts themselves felt like new player inquiries. Socialization questions and general “how does wow work”, type stuff.

It’s serviceabe.

Good. We need more of this and less of “CHAMPION. AZEROTH CRIES OUT IN PAIN.”

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You can’t just project your views onto new players. Half the importance of choosing a race is faction lore and pride.

I do think the choice option screen should explain that you will get a more interesting backstory as well as history of most of the races from the original start zones.

For instance, I just recently did the Worgen start zone and it was quite fun, atmospheric, and gave a good feel as to the history of the race.

Imagine, as a Blood Elf, never having done the gorgeous Eversong Woods and seen Silvermoon.


We have had new players talking to us in this forum.

Blizzard forces content to show shareholders who funded it that the content is “creating engagement” at the expense of the gaming experience.

Especially after they did the squish (not sure how long it lasted) w/ the mana worms one shotting players.
Not sure if decked heirlooms lived through it, but a new player without them… lol.

Exiles Reach is more friendly to new players. But admittedly, it lacks that charm the race starting zones have.

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Wait when did blizzard add in a playable horse race???

So I have leveled through each of the main race’s Starting Zones in my time playing WoW. I have leveled through Exiles Reach many times now as well. There are pros and cons to each.

Exiles reach is more streamlined and has more of a tutorial aspect to it that explains games features than many of the old Starting zones did. It’s designed as a teaching tool and experience. It does a semi-decent job of this, but the experience does leave a bit to be desired gameplay wise. Story wise, it’s not the worst, it’s simple, and to the point.

The old starting zones are built around the racial stories of the core races. They are longer, and while they have a bit more story to them, much of that story is very out dated. And not relevant to the current world that new players find themselves in. The Old Starting zones were also very scattered with their questing experience. Sometimes making it unclear which quests needed to be completed in which areas to continue the story.

All in all I would love to see an update to racial starting zones, with Night Elves getting Bel’ameth as their new starter. With whole new updated stories and questing experiences. Something that balances the fantasy of the old starting zones, with the teaching aspect of ER.


LOL I was thinking the same exact thing. Especially considering the huge amounts of praise that place used to get.

Because Blizz wanted to give new players more of a tutorial and the starter zones are largely irrelevant these days.

People literally asked for a tutorial version that allowed new players to skip into more current content— so that’s what Blizz did.

This is also true!


The number of restrictions placed on new characters on Exile’s Reach is absurd. You can’t even edit your UI.

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Ive been thinking about this and a big misconception players and the devs have about being a new player is thinking that playing the game is hard, its not. If youve played an rpg in the last 2 decades you know what is going on here. Sure the combat is different but pressing your dmg button over and over is not hard. Neither is dragging a square from your spellbook to your hotbar.

What is difficult for a new player in warcraft is engaging in the world and stories. There is too much that you have to catch up on. The ER>BFA experience exacerbates that issue like crazy. Especially as alliance.

Think about it, for years people learned how to play this game just fine without ER. During the games’ prime years there was no ER. New players need to be hooked into the rich lore and world of Warcraft. They dont need to know how quest or vendors in video games work.

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Exactly this. If I had started with Exiles reach back in the day there’s NO way I would have continued on until decent content. I will say it’s better into BFA than it would be into SL for new players.

But it’s also a moot point, I think going ER into DF next expansion is much better. But it’ll be weird to hit twelve, and then dragonfly.

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I think the Racial Starting zones are pretty objectively “meh”. Take away the nostalgia of playing through them the first time in 2004-2010 or whenever you started and they’re not really any better than Exiles Reach. More grounded, maybe, but there is no overarching story and the smaller stories being told are all fairly bland. It’s underwhelming in a different way than Exiles Reach is all.

That said, I don’t think Exiles Reach is good. It wants to be a tutorial but doesn’t do nearly enough to accomplish that. It wants to hook new players into a more cohesive story, and decides to do that with… little baby needing his mommy to save him? God, who greenlit that?