Exiles Reach

No they’re not, they don’t have a starting zone, they start at level 10 in the Capital for their faction. You finish ER at 10/11 and wind up…at Capital for your faction.


Ill just say that when i started last year, the experience of ER>BfA was pretty bad. I liked the game a lot more when i rerolled as a belf and did their starting zone.

ER is very bland and did not make me excited to play this game lol, and then youre thrown into BfA stuff which on alliance side is really bad for a noob, i didnt even know who Jaina was yet.


Maybe I’m thinking of the unlock quests then- I had a better time than Exile’s Reach all the same :beers:

Takfully the “main” expansion is switching from BFA to DF next.

The story and the characters are flat. The dialogues in exiles reach are the most cringeworthy i’ve ever heard in a video game.

This stuff is still important for new players. You don’t start an RPG just because you want to parse well on a third-party website.

I don’t understand why new players are funneled into Exile’s Reach. Why wouldn’t they get the backstory to their race first? It makes no sense.

I enjoyed ER but that’s because I’ve done the starter zones so many times. So for me it was something different to experience.


I’m surprised that people are still unaware of the purpose of Exiles Reach. It is a new player starting zone, and new players as identified by the game cannot start their first character anywhere else but there. How is it so many players still don’t know this?

All that aside, I think they should still be offered the choice of starting there or in a racial starting zone. I mean, if they are able to try both, they can see which one they prefer.


I am not ok with this Bliz, This is too far. Have you not learned anything?

Exiles reach probably isn’t as good as the vanilla experience. But Exiles Reach pretty much does the same thing Vanilla does, in like 20 quests and a few hours. Vanilla does it in hundreds of quests over many days.

I personally like both for different reasons, but I don’t think Exiles Reach was done poorly.

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Good thing it only lasts 20 mins then.

I’m guessing the average new player starts this game because a friend asked them to not because they’re randomly intrigued. I mean I would assume that’s the case at least when I’ve heard people say, “WoW looks like playdough.”

That’s not to say there are zero net new players but more to say Blizzard probably has all the free guidance in the world through us. Heck, even coming back in the middle of an expansion is a big “wtf is going on?” It’s kind of annoying really.


Oh if he’s the best, then he doesn’t need my help then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Neither the replies you got were essays either. They just want you to simply explain your case for Exile’s Reach.

Idk, it’s one of the better David Cage experiences. Esp for it’s meme potential. Esp since his games are surprisingly less pretentious then the other Sony Exclusive games, given how self aware they seem to be at times.

I vote we ask new players what they think about it. It’s not up to you to decide all of them are confused or disconnected

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Bro, zoomers don’t read one word of anything. They don’t think about what they’re killing, saving, etc. If there WERE new players, none of that would matter, but there’s not.

It is really bad though, you’re not wrong.

Wel you cam farm the dummies on the boat for 11 lvls then farm other mobs to get to 16

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I think you had too high expectations exile reach’s goal isn’t to immerse you into your character it’s …

1 a faster guided track to get to ten for new players (as exile reach is a pure rail road… if you started in a traditional starting area is more open)

2 it’s to show the most basic of basic concepts nothing more and nothing less

But immersion was obviously not a design goal it’s clear as day to me.


I thought the point of Exile’s Reach was so they could introduce new customization options and let people play the “Wildhammer Dwarf” or “Man’ari Draenei” without it being awkward.

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New players have no idea what that means. They are struggling with things like “When do I left click and when do I right click”, “When do I click on all these buttons”, “the dog needs to go out, how to I exit out of this thing”, …

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