Exiles Reach

Exiles Reach was my starting experience and honestly it was the only ‘structured’ part of the game. I liked it a lot.

After I got kicked off I got told about some War for Azeroth. It was very confusing and there were quests everywhere without an indication on if it was progressing me.

I’m glad they have since added the orange markers to main quests because that wasn’t there in 2021.


unfortunately, it’ll be the go-to for about a decade or so.

All the starter zones are better, offer significant flavour and identity.
New players are picking a race/class based on what they resonate with, starter zones encourages that further- exile’s reach dampens it.


A random nobody … who just landed in a space ship and is a member of a once-believed extinct alien race. That’s a stretch. Just being a draenei already makes you somewhat exceptional. You are not a westfall farmhand.

The first words of the Death Knight intro are “A hero, that’s what you were”. So I’m pretty sure they’re not nobody either.


Well thank goodness we have you to speak for every new player.


They all chose Blood Elves, right? :wink:


Dude they’re all “hey new guy. go kill this thing. oh you’re done? go to the next area”

you ARE forced into it if you’re a brand new player.
New player/account HAS to start that way, Im a new(is) player and can confirm, you 100% MUST start at Exile’s Reach.

After one playthru, THEN you can opt for other starter zones.

Sure, maybe. And they’re all better than Exiles. What’s your case for Exiles?

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Honestly my only gripe is the game doesn’t quite explain emotes. So when you get that quest to wave at a ogre I saw a buncha newbies not clicking with it until I stopped and explained.

The rest of the time its fine

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Some dislike it, some like it a lot. It got tons of praise when it first released.

To each their own.

LOL they went Gnome, Human and Dwarf. :grin:


We have to rescue my son.
He’s the best because I, trained him.
Do you want to hear more about him?

I’ll take that as a yes.

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ok, so 2 replies to me but no case for Exiles Reach. Got it.

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I’ve tried doing Exile’s Reach after the forced one at the start (which I was not happy about, as a returning player on a new account I was looking forward to leveling in Teldrassil), I haven’t made it fully through since. I would need someone dragging me through it.

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I liked it. Me writing an essay in response is kinda silly. I just thought it was fine. That’s my case.

Granted the last time I got horrendously angry and critical about a game was stuff like Heavy Rain. I’m just that scene from Jurassic Park when it comes to David Cage. “I really hate that man”

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I don’t know what that means. Whether anyone likes it or not is complete opinion. What “case” do you want for what?

I mean, I made an entire statement earlier on why it exists. Is that what you’re after?

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Blizz says to bring feedback here.
Feedback has been given.
Coming here just to be a contrarian, but not even having a case to present against their poor experience is called trolling.

When was the last time you created a new character? The starting zones aren’t all that great. Ok, you have the Lazy Orc quest, but as an Orc, you’re running back and forth across a scorpion-laden dustbowl, and then making your way up the coast, running back and forth to a central point. If you’re a new to the game Night Elf, and you’re not getting lost on the tree, you’re a better player than most.

At least in ER you’re constantly moving forward. And, as mentioned, there are a couple of optional side quests, and even a rare you can fight. And an AI dungeon, in case you’re the only there.

ER is meant to teach the basics of the game, which is why you only have to do it once. It’s an extended tutorial, that covers how WoW nowadays works, more than how it used to work.

Additionally, there’s the added benefit that if multiple people start new characters all at once, they can all start in ER, no matter what race they choose (as long as they’re the same faction). I suppose it may be sharded, but it can’t be that sharded. Not as much as the racial starting areas.


Ok, this is the 3rd “Exiles Reach” topic. Which youtuber put out a video this month?


I mean, yea, those are the two worst examples. But they’re still more fun than Exile’s Reach, even if you do get lost in the tree, it’s probably the experience you were expecting from an “MMO” (read: GaaS).

Worgen. Goblin. Darkspear. DK. Undead, heck yea. Maybe Zand troll, Pandas for sure, Demon Hunter, helloo? Maghar,… Kul’Tiran is pretty immersive. I don’t mind the Human campaign, it entertains me a lot more than Exile’s Reach. I’m willing to bet the dracthur starting area is better than Exile’s Reach, and that’s saying something since they’re an abomination to this game lol
Wow’s got some pretty sweet starting zones. Exile’s reach ain’t one of 'em.