Exiles Reach

Is freaking terrible.

There needs to be a better experience for new players if you’re going to force it in them.

Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if ER itself is keeping new players from sticking it out.

The story is so bland and doesn’t help players become immersed with their character the way the old starting zones did.


They are not forced into it. You have a choice of Exiles Reach or the regular starting zone for your race. As for the story, It seems OK. For the most part new players will be focusing on how the game mechanics works.


New players are forced into it.

The story is terrible for them. They’re ot immersed into their character at all.

They’re just a random horse/alliance goon.


Oh compared to the other starter zones where we’re just a rando nobody?


If you’re 100% new to the game with zero background knowledge, I’m not sure how Blizzard expects to attract and keep new players. After 20 years there’s just no semblance of a coherent story for new players.


Difference is you get to learn about your race lore and you have the freedom to tackle any quest in any order and explore without being restricted to a crappy instance


That’s why they need to update the starting zones with ER tech

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Do you have any evidence to back this up? To me it just seemed like normal WoW questing.


The draenei starting zone you’ve got a light chosen one story going on. You foil the legion, save the Exodar and get a parade.

You’re a bonified hero by the end of Bloodmyst.


In this one you get faction pride and each character has some level of character. You get to see the various races working together in a bigger pool of display, maybe seeing the tauren druid made you want to try it before you sank hours intoorc warlock. Before you would see just your race for hours on end and if friends picked a different race you maybe didn’t play together for a week.


New players don’t give a crap about faction pride, they care about the race they chose.

And again ER is too restricted with exploration and questing.

Citation needed.


And you start. As a random nobody.

That was my point. The only one that slightly breaks this are Demon Hunters and Evokers. Probably DKs too depending on if you’re an Allied race one or not


No citations needed, it’s common sense.

Imagine you’re a new players and don’t know anything about wow.

You’re making your first character from a list of races. You’re interested in that race. Not which faction they’re in.

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It’s good to have some restrictions, but there are treasures off the main path, rares, and side quests all of which reward the new player to explore -but- keeps them focused enough to not get lost. Let me tell you, new players get lost all the time and ask for guidance in newcomer chat.

As for racial pride… why would a new player be super invested in orcs before they knew anything about orcs? This zone gives a sprinkles of everything so it’s not like they lose out. As well future characters have the option to trt those zones.


No it isn’t. Not everyone feels the same.

I’ve had friends who started not long ago who loved the stater zone. I’ve had a couple not like it— but not because of racial storylines.

You’re projecting your opinion onto others. You only speak for you, not others.


Well something gravitated them to orcs. So they’re gonna wanna learn more about it.

Being restricted to a tiny instance goes against the “world” concept that attracts players to an MMO.

If only there was a faction war that needs some settling up right after. If maybe they had orcs in the starting zone showing what orcs talk and act like. If maybe just maybe Blizz decided to make multiple orcs center to BFA story, the story players were about to experience.

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You’ve got a lot of assuming going on.

My friends chose races they thought looked cool. They didn’t care about their history.

It’s 10 levels. It introduces new players to how combat works, a class unique questline and ability, the faction that is still different from the other, some of the more popular mobs like Murlocs and Ogres, a vague intro to dungeons and a bit of exploration, elite mob, side quests and searching for treasures.

It gets them the intro to set them loose on the wide world. And next expansion, they get dropped into Dragon Isles.

There’s nothing wrong with Exiles Reach as a quick intro.

That place was praised from day one of its release. From new players I’ve known, the only issue they really all had was how the intro dungeon doesn’t really introduce you to dungeons.

But everyone is different. This is just the most encompassing starter zone they can do for everyone to teach them some stuff.


Seeing ‘wave’ typed in newbie/guide chat gets me lol’ing every time.

Took me forever to realize it was ER causing it.