Exile's Reach Feedback

Exile’s Reach is a beautiful new experience for incoming (and veteran) players.

The zone was well-crafted and guided you through to the different quest areas nicely. The feeling of exploration and discovery that came from finding a few side-quests and hidden areas was refreshing and fun. I espeically enjoyed that some class skills were taught through unique quests (in the Druid’s case, travel form) which lent additional flavor and fun to the overall experience.

The pacing overall felt good, and I had time to examine and learn each new skill as it was presented. I think this is a great improvement over the current starting zones for new players, and should be an excellent zone to revisit after doing it once since the class-specific flavor quest will vary for each class.


Agreed, I was pleasantly surprised by Exile’s Reach, and I think I’ll definitely enjoy starting new toons there. Learning to resurrect the (not quite) dead via a quest was a pleasant surprise.

The only flaw was that the NPCs who were supposed to tank and heal the dungeon failed to leave the first room to help us with the first boss. Priest shields are not enough defense for tanking, which meant my tiny priest went splat.

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I was enjoying it too. I got to level 6 & took a break, then sadly wasn’t able to log back in (stuck on loading screen repeatedly, just due to traffic I’m assuming).

Did anyone figure out a way to turn off the new yellow diamond quest return maker?

I’ll chime in that I agree with the OP. Exile’s reach is really well done, if maybe a little too easy. I also had the issues with the dungeon npcs not working. Other than that, I encountered no issues or bugs. Didn’t see any typos in quest text either. I’ll probably level all my new characters here.


Menu -> Interface -> Display -> Uncheck “In-game navigation” or something to that effect.

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Other than one quest being bugged, which I reported I found it very enjoyable and I am an altoholic. I did suffer a situation someone else mentioned when in the very first trash room two of the npc party members (the tank was one) wiped on trash. So my lock and another lock, ended up 2 manning it the whole way.

I ran into an issue directly after the second quest on the boat. I didn’t instance to the new area and become stranded on the boat.

Yeah, my only real complaint was that the npc’s in the dungeon stayed in the beginning, until magically popping out of no where on the second boss. The only other thing I noticed is on the harpie quest I don’t think the text made it very clear that the animals in the area gave completion credit as well, there was also the occasional ogre spawning in the ground.

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The respawn rate of Ogres that you need to kill 8 of should be bumped up I was there with just two other people and it took a long time to get it done because of the slow respawn, can’t imagine how it will be with dozens of people there.

Agree. I think Blizz should do more stuff like this…

My thoughts on Exiles Reach (Completed with a Blood Elf Paladin, yesterday)
(Minor Spoilers)

The zone is gorgeous, and the level of detail in the terrain was fantastic.

The leveling path seemed like a good tutorial for new players, but obviously being a long time veteran it is hard for me to know for sure. But it felt like it was teaching well.

The difficulty felt way too low. Many mobs were being one shot or at most 2, the elite bear that had a 5 man recommendation was soloable, and, as others have mentioned, even though the tank and healer did not engage in the mini-dungeon, we had no issues with the fights; I don’t know if I could have soloed it, but I was able to DPS and heal at the same time. I think if it was a bit harder, it would last just a little bit longer and be a bit more memorable. It is hard to get a feel for skills when things die too fast, you don’t know if your skill (i.e., hitting the right button at the right time) was a factor, or if everything is just a training dummy.

My only real gripe was the acting and dialogue, and as an amateur actor myself, I am loath to criticize other performers, but the voices seemed out of place, as if you hired people who tried to copy voices they heard before but didn’t immerse themselves long enough to really be able to express it. To add to that, the tone was wrong; the Horde, however less aggressive we are post Sylvanas, are a proud faction, and the pride and strength of the Horde didn’t come through to me from the dialogue or the tone with which it was spoken.

Is this an intended change? Are we re-branding the Horde? It had the feel of a reworking of the Horde values, with the emphasis on not leaving anyone behind, and the insecurity of Shuja, it was not very Horde-like. Let me be clear, I was not a fan of the Garrosh, and later, Sylvanas, storylines of bad leadership. But I would much rather have the Horde like it was under Thrall.