Exiled Raiders (AOTC+) is looking for raiders!

Hello all,

Exiled Raiders is a guild formed back in Jan 2021. We have a very relaxed and fun adult environment, a great mix of players doing different content at different levels of skill, and are looking for raiders! We consider ourselves an AOTC guild that will go into Mythic as far as we can in a relaxed, fun way.

We have 2 formal progression teams:

Team Exodar Tues/Thurs 8-11 EST (currently 10/11H and started Heroic Jailer).

Needs: 1 healer (preferably a Shammy who can flex to Elemental or a WW monk), 1 mage (Fire preferred), 1 ranged Hunter (MM preferred)

Team Stormwind Fri/Sat - 8-11EST (currently 7/11H and starting Anduin prog).

Needs: Ret Paladin, WW Monk

We also have a weekend community run Sat/Sun morning and an alt run on Mondays for all your alts.

We provide flasks, cauldrons, pots, Vantus runes (on prog), and feasts. While we have no hard and fast rules for attendance, we do ask that you be able to commit to 80% percent of the raid nights and let us know in advance when you’re not able to make it.

The guild itself is very active outside of raiding doing Key Nights, Tmog runs, Achievement runs, contests, and formal RBG teams. We ask all our members to enjoy the game they way they want to but also keep a watch out for guildies needing help or assistance and engage with the membership … even if it’s just socializing in guild chat or discord.

If you’re one of the specs we’re looking for, feel free to add me:
Aedred (co-GM) Buckymcshane#1854

Bump for recruitin’!

27% best pull on Jailer last night! Back at it on Thursday!

Bumpin’ an awesome guild looking for some peeps to the top …

Is that your Btag or discord server name? Just came back and wanted to talk to you about joining. You can reach me @ Meg#9506 on Discord. Thanks!

Update: 9% best pull last night. AOTC incoming!

Still looking for a few more able bodies raiders looking for a home.

Team Exodar raids Tues/Thurs 8-11EST. Needs are:

  • 1 Healer (Shammy or Monk)
  • 1 Melee DPS (Warrior and WW Monk)
  • 2 Ranged DPS (MM Hunter and Ele Shaman)

I just recently came back to the game, last played Expac was legion and part of Bfa. Currently 260 item lvl Enhance Shaman, my raid days are kind of weird due to my work schedule being on a swing shift of 4 days 3nights 3 days 4 nights with 2 off days in between. Would i be able to join. Ive pugged all the way to anduin heroic not really have much guild help.

Hi thanks for replying.

For our prog teams we’re trying to get people that can commit since we’ve hit the same point a lot of guilds have with people leaving the game.

Bump for Updated Needs!

Team Exodar - Raids Tues/Thurs 8-11EST. Currently progging on Heroic Jailer (3% best pull)

Needs: 2-3 Solid DPS (ranged or melee)

Team Stormwind - Raids Fri/Sat 8-11EST . Currently progging on Heroic Anduin

Needs: 2-3 Solid DPS (ranged or melee)

Our guild is very active and very social. If you have experience with the current raid, are adequately geared, and are interested in joining one of our raid teams give me a shout.

Aedred (co-GM) - Buckymcshane#1854

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Our guild also has a weekend morning community run, a Monday alt run, 2 RBG teams, guild events … more for raiders to do then just prog!

Consistently getting down to 10% or less last night. A couple of competent dps’ers would bring us to victory.

Damned roster boss …

Bump for updated needs:

Team Exodar (10/11 H, 3% best pull on Jailer) - Have needs for strong dps (2-3 … no spec request but some type of utility appreciated)

Team Stormwind (7/11H, prog on Anduin) - need 1-2 good melee dps to round out the team (WW monk, Ret Pally) … also looking for a future Raid Leader

Our guild has grown quite a bit with lots of casuals and key pushers and pvp’ers … now to recruit some solid raiders!

Team Exodar just got AOTC!

Recruiting for reclears and dabbling with first few bosses of mythic!

Bump to the top!

Still recruiting …

Team Exodar (AOTC, doing reclears and some mythic bosses)
Tues/Thurs 8-11EST

  • Needs 2 strong DPS (ele shaman, MM hunter)

Team Stormwind (8/11 H, starting Lords/Rygelon prog next week)
Fri/Sat 8-11EST

  • Needs 2 good DPS (fire/frost mage and a melee dps)

Just added you @Adedred. My highest raid prog was Mythic N’zoth back in Nyalotha, and I cleared up to and progged Hungering Destroyer mythic in Nathria. I saw you have ele shaman and MM as your desired, but wondering if you’re still open to a WW.

Thanks for replying!

Looking at your ilvl and lack of experience in this tier it’d be tough for us to get you caught up on gear to join one of the prog teams right now. You’re welcomed to join the guild (we’re very active in keys and non-prog raiding) and get ready for next tier tho.

Still looking for some raiders!

Bump for needs!

Updated needs!

Team Exodar (AOTC, doing reclears and some mythic bosses)
Tues/Thurs 8-11EST

  • Needs 2-3 strong DPS (ele shaman, MM hunter, WW Monk, DH … emphasis on ranged right now)

Team Stormwind (8/11 H, starting Lords/Rygelon prog this week)
Fri/Sat 8-11EST

Team is currently full!

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