<Exiled Gaming> Horde- New guild Recruitment

Exiled Gaming is a newly formed raiding guild that’s looking to establish a solid raid team. We plan to have a light 2 day/6 hour raid schedule; but we do intend to be serious during those times. Off nights would be for guild runs/gearing alts or farming old content for fun. While we are a small guild, we do provide consumables, within reason, but the more people we have funneling materials into the guild the more we will be able to provide. Many of us are familiar with several classes or know of good resources to answer any questions about certain specs rotations/stat prio and such and we aren’t afraid to help anyone that puts forth the effort to better themselves. You don’t have to have previous raiding experience to run with us, we welcome anyone who wants to get into that aspect of the game.

Raid Times:
Wens 8-11p server time
Thurs 8-11p server time
We understand life happens but we ask that if possible you communicate with us in advance as much as possible so we aren’t scrambling to fill your spot at the last minute.

Current Needs:
Tanks: Low
Healers: High
Melee DPS: High
Ranged DPS: High

Have a basic understanding of your class/spec (don’t be afraid to ask questions)
Discord (working mic pref but not required)

Feel free to reach out to an officer if you need any more information :
**GM - Alikard#11360
**GM - Dapplep