Examples of Layering exploits and problems

Any zone that has a unique event or boss or anything that is unique to the zone should have an exception to layering. Whether that be that specific area shouldn’t be layered or the entire zone. I watched the venruki one and that’s pretty game breaking. There are also videos of people losing rare spawns due to layering, that shouldn’t happen. I mean imagine going for kazzak or Azuregos and you run into the zone just to find out you’re in the wrong layer…


I’ve seen people suggest to keep layering to low levels. 1-5 or even a little higher.

The launch day is going to be hell, but its gonna be neat to see so many hyped to play.


Because this is game breaking and not vanilla.


I dont disagree with you, its an exploit and needs to be addressed.

What do you propose?

So you just want sharding?

The difference between layering and sharding was that layering is azeroth wide, while sharding is zone wide.


If you manually trigger a layer hop, what if you were blocked from looting anything for a minute or two?

so, crash the server?

Time to farm Black Lotus!


with the technology they have today it won’t crash a server. If Nostalrius, LB, ND, etc could all do it then bliz for sure can being an actual large company.

On the pservers there were HUGE battles over azuregos and kazzak I’m talking a few hundred people. If that didn’t crash the server we’ll be fine.

Also there are several videos of the AQ opening event on pservers and all the vidoes of end of Nost. All those people and the server was laggy but didn’t crash. I’m sure bliz can handle it


Only thing Blizzard seems to care about is leveraging classic news and content release information cause thats basically all they have to present for the rest of 2019.

100+ day closed beta, people exploiting and abusing layering beyond belief and now all of phase 1 is now to be layered. Blizzard is the company to give an inch and take a mile nowadays so i’d be hesitant to believe layering isn’t here to stay considering how much “effort” they are putting into testing layering for 100 days.

There were and still are so many bugs in the closed beta, it makes you wonder what the actual @#$$ they have been working on.


Who knows, at this point. Communication is not forthcoming, so people are getting more and more shrill, it seems. But something needs to be done. Here’s hoping the next two months are about fixing things likes this.


Guys, this is exactly why the beta is a thing; to make sure these kind of things are working correctly. Of course a new feature like layering will have bugs! We just gotta make sure said bugs are stomped before launch happens. Say what you want, but Blizzard is pretty good about fixing bugs, so this will likely be fixed before launch happens.

I never stated my desires, I just dropped an idea. I’ve seen both exploited, and sharding seems to be worst of the two.

Currently in beta as seen, people are intentionally manipulating layering to take something from that layer (nodes or that trinket). We’ve also seen it remove a group from killing a rare, which folks assume that was a bug.

While we definitely need a way to unchoke the beginner zones, I think the priority concern is how we are seeing streamers manipulate it, which, if left too long on release, could make things sticky.

We need some type of loot/rare/node lock out when a player changes layer. You best believe this will be exploited repeatedly

Remove it completely.

It’s a terrible feature that wasn’t in vanilla and has no place in Classic.


it’s even worse in BFA. You fight a rare mob and get it down to 5%, and then you get moved to a different shard. The mob is usually still there, but now it has full health.

This can happen a few times before you can actually kill it.


OP…you couldn’t add to the already existing threads on this ?
Keeping it all focused in one mega thread might get more attention from the devs. Just my opinion here.

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If Blizzard is intent on keeping it I wish they would communicate a specific date for its removal. They don’t even seem sure about that phase 1 removal and that seems like it will be too far away itself. With the huge amount of players so much of the game will be exploited like this. It’s like they are intentionally launching with a duplication glitch, I can’t believe they are keeping it.

Thats unfortunate…I didn’t realize it was like that in BFA with my very little bfa experience. Well sounds like if its in BFA we’re probably screwed for classic. However, in classic its far more game breaking than it is in BFA so maybe there is still hope.

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