Exactly why Alliance get camped

Lol. Waste of time reading anything you type. You lost all credibility long ago.

Spoken like someone who knows that their little temper tantrum was just that, and that attempting to obfuscate any further will just end in disaster.

I accept your defeat, graciously.

Lol. Take a break from WoW forums and go outside. You don’t have to wait to get banned again in order to have a life.

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Oh no. Fatal forum mistake number two:

Attempting to hit someone with the RL thing while playing the same game and posting on the same forums.

Keep posting. I’ll learn ya.

Posting on the forums and living on them are two completely different things. Hope you’ve gotten some sun in the past week but that’s doubtful.

So that is the response you took eight days to come up with?


0/10 response

Bush did 9/11

Trump did a thousand 10s

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