Exactly why Alliance get camped

Picture shows one of the many reasons most horde doesn’t give a F*** when yall clowns get camped. Standing on a safe spot and glitching a flight point. GJ alliance scumbags.

h ttps://imgur.com/a/8UKkddO

i just really like birds


smh so toxic

Hope you enjoy bans just as much.

Blizzard was banning people who did stuff like this pretty heavily in P2. I assume they still would; just make sure you report them and get everyone else in the area to report as well.

Spread the word so that enough people know to report, and the problem will start going away.

Gonna be a blast making sure non of these alliance bastards get into AQ with buffs. When you all start crying on discord about getting camped, you can always come back to these posts of your shenanigans to understand why.

Uh, you’ve missed the boat on this, you’ve been doing exactly what you are threatening us with for 6 months maybe more lol, you just get a heck of a lot more upset when it happens back

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Lol. You hold like half a guild from raiding for like 20mins and act like you “Locked BRM down”. The only time you ever locked it was against Swamp and that’s because horde let you have your way with them. But go ahead and keep defending the people glitching flight points in your guild. Bigtwo making Welcome look like Bigdouches.

in your own screenshot you can clearly see that bigtwo is sitting down just watching the show.

Because we all know screenshots are videos that show the whole thing.

make sure to include the part where you tried to safe spot on the roof to kill me

Not safe spotting if the guards can kill me… which they did unfortunately.

Did you really need to use a bird at that moment? Haha

Another two of you at it.

h ttps://imgur.com/a/ja51uTc

Yes, this is the case period. It doesn’t matter what any alliance player does. We get camped because this is a horde pve realm. Literally the only reason.

Good. Please do. As a hunter, world buffs are the last thing I care about. Also.

3-1 server. Also also, you act as if the horde were going to do anything other than purge and show up with 12 raids to smash one 40 man raid.

We’ve seen this since p2. Not a threat anyone cares about.

Gamer words on the forums!

Yea. This was going to happen anyway. We killed a few raids waiting on them. Again not like it matters though, the vast majority of horde players enjoy their pve server.

If you want to use screen shots and videos as evidence of wrong doing (you should) then stand by them.


I’m really not sure why you or anyone of either faction cares as much as they do just let it go and move on.

no reason to go through life being so angry about a video game

I love how you guys keep pushing this number up and up to make yourselves feel better… You know 3-1 would mean 75% Horde, Right? That’s not even remotely accurate.

where does he get those numbers? It looks more like 1.7-1 and 1.4-1 level 60s

He makes them up on the spot and uses whatever will make his argument strongest. There’s a handful of people that do the same thing. People have been crying that it’s 70/30 for months, but there’s no concrete evidence to support that (Beyond the argument of “Just go out into the world and you’ll see for yourself!”)

It’s well established at this point that this is a 65:35 server, 2:1 ratio. That kind of ratio can feel like 3:1 or 4:1 at times because it naturally forces Alliance out of contested zones, but it isn’t the case. There’s no point in Alliance players whining about it anymore.

That being said, Horde players should probably also stop acting tough about it.