EX CE Level Warrior LF Mythic Guild

Recently started up WoW again after a long hiatus and looking to join a semi-hardocre/hardcore raiding guild. My goal is to push higher level mythic content. Will always have necessary enchants/consumables and be prepared for all fights. Past experience was pushing for CE during early patch and clearing very challenging bosses (at the time) early on. All my heroic parses are 99+ during legion and some of BFA. I’ve held some rank 1 and rank 2 in overall dps on mythic fights during legion in warcraft logs. I consider myself exceptional and willing to prove it in trials.
Preferred Times would be:
Weekdays/Weekends: 6-8pm PST start time.

Hi French,

[H] Tichondrius - Don’t Even Trip - LFM 4 Mythic Raiding Wed/Thur 7:30pm PST Need Healers and Range DPS