Evoker's lust is amazing



Correct, thats the color of the aspects. I looked up the rainbow and its nowhere near that, far from it.

Its also the colors of the LGBT flags. Coincidence? No. But the animation is pretty awesome looking - kind of makes me want to play an Invoker now.

Its a coincidence yes. The only color I’m noticing missing is black but maybe its because its considered right now to be an evil aspect due to past actions. The colors were the lore factual colors from ages ago for each aspect. Also its evoker not invoker.

I dont think its a coincidence at all, my friend. Its clear as day - and theres nothing wrong with that.

From the way the human form looks - to the way the dragon looks, to the colors. Bliz isnt being subtle about it. I have no problem with any of that - but the actual design of the dragon is not to my taste. Too bad too, because the class seems cool.

The visage forms were a recycled throwaway from you could use with minimal efforts in that design aspect, as their main focus was the dragon side which was clear. The lack of body features in dragon form is questionable, but I leave it up to “dragons look bad in cloth covering them”. There really isn’t a direction that shows any of that, purely coincidence. And I looked at the dragon icon again…it has black background for black dragonflight so it pretty much covers all the known lore aspects.

Still look like giant lizards versus dragons to me

I can’t believe the Dracthyr still… look like that. By which, I mean, flashers in the subway but another level of creepy.

I don’t see any fur on the lizard race. Trust me I know a thing or two about it.

IIRC, Scalies are lumped in with “furries”, furry I guess being more like “LGBT+” as an identifier for all anthropomorphized animal personas.

Purple dragonflight? I think not. Blizzard is trying to “softly” (your mileage may vary here) retcon Black Dragonflight to being represented with Purple in banners and murals to try to make this fit, but it is in no way “natural”.

Yeah, it’s sad because the only way to play an Evoker is to play a Dracthyr. It’s not really like the Elf thing because there’s 4 different elf body types (NE Male/Female, BE Male/Female) - you’re pigeonholed into a single type of Dracthyr if you want to play an Evoker which kind of sucks if you don’t like their specific animations.

Sorry to break it to you, but if the animations for a dragon class that has animations built around that fact… then the class just isn’t for you.


I’m starting to think that Evokers are going to flop. With the 25 yd range, directional spells, empowered spells, no transmog, no self flying mount, polarizing visuals… there’s a lot more criticism of this class than there should be. There was a lot more excitment for Deathknights, Demon Hunters, and even Monks prior to their expansions. I’m afraid blizz is spending a lot of resources on a new feature that won’t be well received.

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“Purple dragonflight” = twilight, all purple. Do dragon soul and you’ll see tons of them made purple.

Twilight =/= Black. Unless somehow the Dracthyr have twilight dragon powers?

I’m talking about the twilight dragons, they are often purple.


I understand what you’re saying. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Chromatic. You’re the one reaching here.

As far as the skills I saw, no they don’t but I’m not familiar with what twilight dragonflight powers are.

Ew why does that dragon race look so bad?

Guess I won’t be playing evoker.