Evoker's lust is amazing

:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

Feels like it is trying to have Queen/Flash Gordon energy. But got their power cut.

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Yes, the spells does look amazing.

But the Dracthyr model still looks weirdly proportioned. The wings, arms and legs look robust while the head looks shrunkern and the body looks undernourished.

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The spell isn’t time themed like time warp.

im excited for dracthyr, but them not being able to use mog makes them so unappealing

It’ll eventually change no worries.

They really aren’t being subtle about it. :yum::woozy_face::call_me_hand:

That’s what I was wondering it is looking like he gets bigger or maybe it’s just the zoom in/angle

Looks more like TransFlag to me than rainbow

I mean, that’s not a bad vibe to go for!

I think everyone gets bigger when Heroism/Lust is activated.


Maybe but man I would love that buffed up body on my evoker all the time… Might have to see how the Vrykul Drinking horn looks on him

It’s not really rainbow , you can see it is mostly just the 4 or so dragon flight colours.

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Well, honestly. If the sound when it triggered makes a similar rift as Queen’s. It would be a win. Still, sad no gobbo form.

Just the “ah-AH!” after the “Flash!” would be fantastic. In fact, there’s an addon idea!


Is it possible to make an addon that entirely replaces the character model with something that’s not a cheesy furry?

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You used to be able to modify the textures shown, but it was only client-side. Everyone else still saw the normal texture.

I remember (back in vanilla) being annoyed that Onyxia wasn’t dropping rogue T2 helms for a solid 2 months for my guild back then, so I modified it to show for me at least.

Not sure you can do that anymore. It wasn’t an addon, it was a change in one of the saved variable files.

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So long as I don’t have to stare at my own model all day. It makes me nauseous it’s so bad. Maybe I can put it in heavy armor that completely covers it and its weird form.

Self-security can’t be downloaded. :frowning: