Evoker's lust is amazing

I mean, blood elves have been in this game for years. :grin::wink:

The Dracthyr are clearly queer-coded but - oh well! - I would still play one if I didnt dislike the look of the dragon form.

Keep it in bulky armor. Base you even got hoods. Then there is tier sets.

They’re not Drakonids, Dragonspawn, Dragonsworn or Dragons. I think that disappointed a lot of people. But after that disappointment ebbs away, I would encourage you to try to appreciate them for what they are, rather than focusing on what they are not.

They can only wear shoulders and belts, If I am correct.

But Drakonids look so cool. :dragon_face:

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I know:


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Looks cool.

Looks good, but it’s missing the black flight.

Hopefully that gets reserved for melee/tank

Sorry, but I think they simply forgot about its existence in the class :skull:

In the Bible, God uses the rainbow as the symbol and reminder that he will not destroy the earth again by flood. I’m honestly surprised Blizzard incorporated Noah’s Rainbow into its game.

Though it is strange they use it under the umbrella “Lust”. Maybe that’s a reminder that the first flood happened because of things like that. And the next one will be fiery.

Good job, Blizz. Glad you’re turning over a new leaf.

Its not a furry, evokers have 0% fur. They got scales.

Its not a rainbow, it covers the colors of the aspect dragonflights.

About that. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

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I cant take evoker serious, its like Patrick from spongebob with that little pin head.

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Remind me again why Blizzard went with loincloth only?



Correct, thats the color of the aspects. I looked up the rainbow and its nowhere near that, far from it.

Its also the colors of the LGBT flags. Coincidence? No. But the animation is pretty awesome looking - kind of makes me want to play an Invoker now.

Its a coincidence yes. The only color I’m noticing missing is black but maybe its because its considered right now to be an evil aspect due to past actions. The colors were the lore factual colors from ages ago for each aspect. Also its evoker not invoker.

I dont think its a coincidence at all, my friend. Its clear as day - and theres nothing wrong with that.

From the way the human form looks - to the way the dragon looks, to the colors. Bliz isnt being subtle about it. I have no problem with any of that - but the actual design of the dragon is not to my taste. Too bad too, because the class seems cool.

The visage forms were a recycled throwaway from you could use with minimal efforts in that design aspect, as their main focus was the dragon side which was clear. The lack of body features in dragon form is questionable, but I leave it up to “dragons look bad in cloth covering them”. There really isn’t a direction that shows any of that, purely coincidence. And I looked at the dragon icon again…it has black background for black dragonflight so it pretty much covers all the known lore aspects.