Evoker Legendary Quest -Mythic Sarkareth Drop


Edit: And we have some additional detail:


Very bad decision to make it mythic only if that is the case.

Edit: i said above before they made the bluepost. People keep replying to this with stuff so clarifying.


Possible Scenario’s:

  1. It’s Mythic Only but 100% drop rate.
  2. It will be a low drop rate on all difficulties now that Mythic has been killed the drop will be enabled on lower difficulties, but Mythic still 100% drop rate.

I would say the drop rate would turn low at end of expac outside of Mythic.

I really hope it’s scenario 2 because Destiny kind of does that for their exotics.

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I would be ok with that.

I wouldn’t mind a drop rate similar to the mount skin. Alternatively, make the quest obtainable in lower difficulties, but require Mythic drops.

Or even have it drop in higher keys.

But I suppose what’s done is done. I can respect the call. I just wish I had the time to commit to getting it myself.

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it’s a legendary. it should come only from mythic.


probably becomes 100% on H and norm in a 10.1.5

I mean, historically, legendaries have dropped from a multitude of difficulties. The quest-based ones just went faster on higher difficulties. Not to mention Legion, which had you looting legendaries in world content that, horrifically, were mailed to you if you didn’t loot them.


I would say possibly instead of probably.

historically, we also had to pay for our flight training. but that’s changing too. sorry but the game must evolve and adapt as the years go by.

which will be great for classic legion i suppose.

How can you not feel which way the wind is blowing?

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457 legendary weapon dropping in LFR?

Big Doubt.

I’m fine with it being mythic only and requiring a lengthy / costly quest line.

If it was something they gave to everyone then it wouldn’t be as special.

Look at every other legendary in the game, sans Atiesh.


im guessing the odds are 60/40 which makes it a probably.

That’s kindve the point.

If everyone has a legendary…
Is it truly legendary?

Nope. Never had been. That’s my point.

i can feel them just fine, and right now they blow towards it being a mythic only drop, as evidenced by the fact that the only drop in the world has been on mythic…

for now it could unlock to other players starting next reset or even in the .1 patch being data minded

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