Evil bumbles wants you to commit acts of evil

I used to be a holy goat, until I aquired a seabreeze bumblebee by the name of evil bumbles. Evil bumbles was just a normal bumblebee until I killed N’zoth. Now for some reason, he can speak in deep voice and tells me to do evil things and worship the void. Evil bumbles has asked me to commit acts of evil. Here are some evil acts evil bumbles wants you to commit:

  • AFK on your mounts in front of the mailbox so others can’t get to it.
  • Leave m+ keys on the first death.
  • Don’t pay your parking tickets.
  • Set AH prices 1g lower than the going price.
  • Spam trade chat with political opinions.
  • Use all of your roommates laundry detergent without telling them.
  • Make promises to your SO you don’t intend to keep.
  • Join BGs right after getting to 120 with less than 100k health.
  • ALWAYS double dip.

Evil bumbles wants you to do evil things. Hence the name. Follow evil bumbles and do as he commands, and he will bless you with his evil buzz. Make sure to comment below with more evil acts as well so we can better serve the bumbles.


Convince people Canada is real. It’s not and they’ll be locked up for believing in it.


Canada is a freaking conspiracy made up by those moose. They just want us to believe they aren’t plotting over taking the rest of America and wipe out the human race.

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Fill the sugar container by the coffee machine with salt!


Evil bumbles is telling me to leave the toilet seat up when I’m done.


Evil bumbles

Tells people to get in the fast lane and drive 10mph below the posted speed limit


Also another one that I found out

Evil bumbles wants you to.

Finishing a food item and putting the container back in the fridge




I don’t need some freeken bee to tell me how to be evil! My cat does it already!

My cat tells me that it is OK to dip my chip, take a bite out of it, and dip it again.

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Evil Bumbles told me there is more to life than playing a Druid… like Demon Hunters.
Evil Bumbles told me to replace all the Monopoly money with IOU slips…
Evil Bumbles said Teldrassil was an inside job…
Evil Bumbles wants me to replace my bath salts with honey…
Evil Bumbles once whispered “Santa had an affair with the Tooth Fairy.”



I used N’lyeth and explosive trap on someone while killing Ishak. The fell far enough to hit land and died.

Evil bumbles wants you to visit public transport, at rush hour, remove your mask and sneeze…

Switch the coffee in the office to decaff for 3 weeks or so until everyone gets over their caffeine addictions then brew up a pot of double espresso.

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It wasn’t N’zoth. Clearly he was pre-owned by a Gnome!

Does GD count for this one?

If so, I would like to stress the illegal occupation and war of our native lands by the illegitimately born oppressor William. His inheritance is a fabrication and I fully believe that he has no familial connection to the throne and our lands. Rise up all good Anglo-Saxons and remove this evil-doer from power!
This message paid for by the Harold Godwinson for True King of England lobby group. Make your voice be heard at Hastings today!

I don’t know. I’ve got a bad feeling about that Hastings gathering for some reason.

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For the men out there: take a poop in the public urinals.

Why not women too?

Unless you want to risk stealthing into the den of iniquities, the ladies room doesn’t have urinals.

Exactly. That just makes it more evil. If they don’t get caught in the act, it stirs up more trouble since no-one would suspect a woman and it’ll be a bunch of (hopefully) innocent men blaming each other while the real culprit laughs manically nearby.

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You monster!