Everytime IE gets an update and its NOT a reward buff

(Charax) #1

Means blizzard isn’t listening to any feedback.

(Mcsalty) #2

agreed islands arent rewarding at all.


Agreed. This stinks.

(Soeroah) #4

Dunno about not listening to feedback, but I do wish this was a higher priority. For collectors this is like if dungeons failed to reward loot.

The only loot I’ve been getting lately have been rep tokens, which are totally useless at 250 a pop. If they gave 2000 rep I’d be far more happy, but the rarity they drop with, yet somehow getting three in 12 islands, and the paltry amount of rep… I can get rep faster by doing world quests. It feels like a waste of a loot slot.

Also, I haven’t been getting lucky with doubloons at all since 8.1. I don’t think I’ve received a single sack with more than 4 doubloons. I’m actually not sure the tech tree upgrade that “gives a chance to reward more doubloons” is working any more, and I’m thinking of replacing it because overall doubloons have become so rare even the prospect of buying everything from the new vendor feels out of reach.

The reward drop rate certainly feels as low as it was before we started working out what made things drop and the rates were buffed several times. I’m starting to feel quite burned out.

(Sloppytoots) #5

I have been doing the weekly cap and not much past that on MYTHIC and am having good luck with transmogrified items, pets and the quest drops, usually on my 2nd or 3rd run. I think you need to be in MYTHIC to have decent odds.


Agreed. I don’t think they really care about feedback anymore.