***EVERYTHING We Definitively Know about Classic***

Reread the thread title. Definitely vs debatable…

Reread the thread title. “We”.

Read the date.

This thread started before BlizzCon. It’s been edited for updates multiple times.

This part, that you left out, is key to my statement.

There’s a reason necroing threads is frowned upon. You’ve taken everything out of context for some unknown agenda.

This isn’t a Necro, its an active thread. The discussion is about what we know and its still evolving, and is the only non blue Pinned thread.

Anyway, arguing with you is pointless.

Blizzard may have a target release date, but we don’t know what it is, and everyone’s debating here and elsewhere on where that date is likely to fall. Personally I think it’ll be May because they want us on the game during summer.

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Actually, it’s “definitively”.

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It is a necro, the post is now out of context. When I made that comment it had a purpose. To say, we know nothing and everything can change. At the time, it was very in tune with the current threads and conversations.

Now you want to dredge it up and make it sound like something it’s not.

All those people “debating” in this thread are doing so long after my post.

You’re claiming posting in an active thread is a necro. The definition of a thread necro is not an out of context post, it’s posting in a thread that has been considered “dead” or inactive for sometime. Not replying to a post in an active, stickied thread.

Just stop.


I am claiming post necro.

Unless you expect me to edit my post to match the edits the OP has done. The OP has been edited 21 times. The OP was many months ago.

It’s on par with going to a thread discussing 4 phases of Classic content and telling them about 6 phases.

Quoting a post from November is a necro.

You can claim whatever you like, and you can be wrong.

No, it isn’t.


So you think quoting some that made a reply to someone several months ago, that has been edited repeated, isn’t a necro. So be it.

You are still way off on the context. Why? Because it’s outdated. Which is one of the many reasons necroing is frowned upon.

Move on.

That’s still not a necro. Just stop.


You’re still unable to see the context due to long dead conversation.

Call it what you want

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Unless this is now the Argue With Ristra thread and should be unpinned, everyone please stop responding to them.


I mean to be fair, Ristra made a single comment back in November. They pretty much started the argument with her.

I definitely know i will be there in Classic and the necessity of visiting the Classic Forum will be gone :stuck_out_tongue: Good Work OP, your post keeps me grounded :smiley:


We got an answer for spell batching, need that to be updated under “Question we, as a community, have for the Devs:”

Please read the entire thread - I’m currently working on rebuilding my “trust” level so that I can.

With Blizzard bassackwards system I cannot currently update the OP.


Sorry! Keep up the good work!

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I trust you.

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