Everyone should have a path to progress to max ilvl gear, EVERYONE!

It was when it was current content. Classic was a VERY Toxic atmosphere on many servers.

To answer the personal attack from another response it hasn’t been diagnosed as epilepsy, it’s nerve damage which is just as bad.

Swtor gearing is such a beautiful system, you can get geared to max ilvl by just spamming and enjoy random bgs, just need to grind long enough and hell the grind is pretty short, i wouldnt mind it being longer

Oh you can also farm gear that way for your alts cuz almost all important gear is BIND ON ACCOUNT, beautiful system

Meanwhile in WoW in Shadowlands is pretty much raid or die.

Not really.

you not having free time or friends is a YOU problem. You can’t expect a game with millions of players to adapt to you being socially inept and time poor. Get your own Sh*t together.

Just because your bad at the game and cant get the gear doesnt mean you should be equally rewarded. Go play classic if you want free gear 0 effort. I literally have muscular dystrophy my hands dont work and I still complete all top end pve content/pvp content and get bis gear. Maybe you’d be better at the game if you didn’t write satirical posts on forums.

Actually, it wasn’t. In fact, when MC was the only raid in the game, most of the BiS gear came out of dungeons like Scholomance, BRD, and UBRS. On top of that, MC difficulty is on par with LFR difficulty. Given my recent Classic experience, I can attest that you can take 40 random players, 30 of whom have never set foot in MC before, and clear the raid in three hours, provided everyone can follow super simple instructions like, “Stack here and hit the skull. You three warlocks/mages keep your respective targets banished/sheeped.” That’s all it takes. LFR N’Zoth is way harder than most Classic raid bosses. This game was not originally intended to primarily serve a playground for the 1%.

Look at the SL delay. I guarantee that Mythic raids are finely tuned by this point, but as of three days ago:

As we work through issues that are making leveling through Ardenweald and Revendreth slower than intended, we’ve seen some Beta testers reach a point where they have to spend extra time finding XP in order to complete the Revendreth campaign.

Source: Leveling still too slow

In Classic WoW, most of the game is leveling, and raiding is an afterthought. This is now turned on its head. Most of the game is raiding, and leveling is an afterthought.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. I like that you’re able to overcome your disability and complete video game content. The point of a game is fun. Making your buddy sit out because they have medical issues isn’t very fun.

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You dont need bis gear if you play the game casually. You can still have fun. Also the assumption I can’t play at a high level because I’m disabled is strange. I earn my spots in every group/guild/team I’m in. Again classic is a option for people who want to put 0 effort and get free gear.

Oh you’re preaching to the choir. That’s just their reasons. They’ll try to spin it somehow, but thankfully Blizzard realizes that if you remove challenge completely people won’t play a video game.

Why not? I like to kill stuff fast, even when I play casually. BiS gear helps me kill things fast. Who are you to tell me what I do and don’t “need?”

Besides, going off of your need-based criteria, if you’ve killed the game’s final boss, you don’t “need” better gear, either. By that measure, the final boss shouldn’t be dropping gear.

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you can raid 1 day a week and get the best gear possible. If your incapable get better at the game stop whining on forums.

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using hashtags outside of twitter
You get what you deserve.

Right but not every game is fun for everyone. Billiards is supposed to be a game of fun, but doesn’t mean it’s fun for everyone.

I don’t like most FPS’s, so I’m not going to make them completely change the game just so I can have fun. I recognize the game isn’t fun to me and I find another game that is.

I know, shocking!

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You can’t come up with a logical reason for excluding others from gear so you fall back on personal attacks. Sorry, but you completely failed to convince me of anything.

Being rewarded for the work you put in on harder content is a logical reason. You also being bad is just a fact

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Wait. What if they want to get max gear by just playing the pilot part of the game. You’re trying to justify another avenue getting max gear, but SWTOR doesn’t let you do what so many of you are asking for - giving you access to best gear by simply playing the game however you want.

Yeah, but they don’t lock up the pool sticks and force new players to make do with broom handles until they successfully perform a set of trick shots, either. You don’t have to be a professional player before they deem you worthy of playing their game in the manner it was clearly intended.

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I feel like “Excluding” is a word that people on these forums like to throw around. I can’t really get behind players acting like victims because they don’t get access to gear that players put in effort to get. Which also fun fact you can still get Mythic ilvl by clearing 15s in M+.

How is that logical? You’re playing a video game. What kind of reward are you expecting? What does a world first boss kill contribute to society? The purpose of the in-game reward is to give players a goal to work towards so that they continue to feed money into Blizzard’s coin slot. You’re confusing it with a merit-based award.

your dont get extra gear for world first killing a boss. Anyone who kills the boss gets a shot at the gear. Also wtf is your point? what does playing wow contribute to society period?