Everyone is so bitter here


I see alot of complaints about player interaction on this forum. Either its pvp happened on a pvp server or a bad pve group got together and there really is a simple solution to all your issues… Get a good guild… one you are apart of and one that matches your interest!


Yes. Making friends is generally the correct answer to a multiplayer game.


Even all the total strangers I’ve grouped with on Westfall have been cool people. Of course there’s ‘that guy’ once in a while but those are by far the exception.


Yeah. Most people are generally nice folks. It can be hard to remember that when you’re getting gang banged 10v1 constantly, but its true.


Forums aren’t meant for folks to hold hands and smootch: they are meant as a place for folks to ask questions and vent. Less questions these days since everything is known about Classic.

So all that is left is venting.

…Or trolling


Lmao thats true i guess


The sheer vitriol and QQing here is almost funny. It’s such a mismatch to the general playerbase. People I play with genuinely enjoy the game, but, if you were to just read these forums, you would think the game was terribly broken and everyone hated everything about it.

These forums are a garbage pile of the whiniest subset of WoW players, and often sound so ridiculously hyperbolic and self-important with their complaints (“fix [x] or I will quit!” or “[y] is RUINING the game!”) that it’s difficult to tell whether they are being sincere or not.