Everyone do not take the free transfer in protest for giving us such bad xfer options

whitemane and incendius actually became the mega servers they currently are in large part to being the last remaining high pop servers with any semblance of faction balance. transfers flooded here, leaving us with the hot mess we’re in now.


This is potentially going to be a year from now, at which point Classic will be long dead- at this rate, most servers and BGs will be dead by the summer.

No wonder Blizz didn’t hire anyone to maintain this game- so many people are willing to shill for them free of charge.

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There is no consensus. This is your opinion.

This is also your opinion, whether it appears to be reasonable to assume it to be the case or not.

Actually, they were closer to 47:53, if you look at historical data for the week of December 16th, 2019 (the week Transfers came out).

This seems to assume that server population dwindles due to faction balance, and having better faction balance would prevent that. Loatheb historically has relatively even faction balance, is it going to be a server that stands the test of time?

The only conflict is one that is perceived in your mind (in my opinion), as this is a rather absurd assumption.

Ah… the old, “You don’t agree with my opinion. Let me resort to calling you names,” argument. Good one :+1:


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I am sorry they did this to you.

I think our status as RP-PvP realm has caused Blizzard not to include us in the transfer scheme, but I would be livid if they had.

You say they picked the worst server options for transfers, but those are actually the best options for blizzard because they help the dead realms by moving players from the over populated to balance things out. Those transfer options would be even better if they offered these services to transport complete guilds to these servers because then you bring the components of community to those realms instead of just singles. Why would you hope no one takes a good opportunity to have a good home with no wait times, that sounds very selfish when they’re actually trying to fix a problem. It may not be the perfect solution, but if you’re going to complain about something at least do the effort of puting up your solution to the problem. Maybe your solution is a good one and blizzard will see that idea and use it because its a good idea, you never know.


There you go! :+1:

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Because it was supposedly a solution no one will move given options like that.

If that’s the case, then the “problem” seems a lot less severe.

There are literally so many possible options that any problems at this point seem like people complaining for the sake of complaining.

If that’s the case, then, I hear you. It’ll get better.


There are no servers that started out 50-50 that are now 99-1… People fled from the badly imbalanced servers to more balanced servers. The only servers that were badly imbalanced when people went there, were from free transfers. And only because the transfers were by refugees from badly imbalanced servers and they only had a couple choices.

The servers that are gaining population from paid transfers are the ones perceived to be balanced and with a high population. Imbalanced servers are becoming more imbalanced as people flee. But people aren’t fleeing from balanced servers with good populations.

Maybe because every single PvP server but 1 is horde favored so any high pop server is a decent compromised for alliance? It’s not like they have 10-15 server options of alliance advantage PvP servers…

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From memory, Earthfury, Deviate Delight, Grobbulus, and Benediction are all Alliance favored PVP servers. There may be more.


Oh yeah, and obviously Heartseeker, and Incendius.

lol, we had about 10 guildmates move to earthfury during the last round of free xfers in p2. every single one of them quit within a month because the server was completely dead outside of a handful or prime time hours and recruiting was impossible. good luck with that one.

“Good luck with a somewhat Alliance favored, medium population server.”

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hey, im just offering a cautionary tale from what i witnessed happen to my former guildmates when they took the free xfer there. might not be what you want to hear, but its what happened.

Oh, I don’t mind. I’m under no illusion that transferring from my server that has queues would lead to a favorable outcome for me.

I’m quite happy where I am, thank you :slight_smile:

  1. People don’t want to play on dead realms. These are the servers people have been paying to leave for months now. If people take the free transfer, it is only out of desperation from the ridiculously long queues. After the Corona calms down, these servers will end up even deader and their original servers will go back to normal.
  2. When people decide to transfer, it’ll usually be a guild decision, but it usually involves many other people outside the guild as well. A server that is balanced today can quickly become severely imbalanced if even a couple friendly guilds and all their friends take the transfer together. The outcome of free transfers is usually severe imbalance, especially when there is a time-limit, which forces people to make quick decisions.
  3. If the goal of Blizzard was to help dead realms by combining people from other servers, they should just merge servers. This would both save dead realms and improve faction-balance.
  4. The ultimate goal should be to give people who obviously are playing on these big servers because they want to play on big servers(just without a queue), a server that reasonably meets their expectations. By merging low-pop servers and giving people the option to move from full to medium-pop servers in a faction-specific way, you don’t force people into making decisions they will regret, and you improve the vast majority of servers, negating the need for people to flee from imbalanced or dead servers to servers like Incendius and Whitemane in the first place.
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2 of those are RP servers and Heartseeker was the one primary alliance dominant server.

Icendius was Horde until the transfers there…

So, 1 single very dominant alliance server and 2 favorable for non RP PvP servers?

So 3?

And horde get the other 23 US PvP servers?

Hmm 23 vs 3.

The fact of the matter is this is not a solution with the option being that almost no one will take it.

Is that correct? I don’t have all the servers memorized.


Speak for yourself, don’t mess up my medium pop server.

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