Everyone do not take the free transfer in protest for giving us such bad xfer options

You are completely missing the point. Opening free transfers to Thalnos or Arcanite Reaper will be far more detrimental to those servers than a server merge. With a server merge Blizzard can produce 50/50 servers from dying servers. With free transfers, the more likely outcome is greater faction-imbalance, and servers that will still be dying.

Moreover, if the goal is to get rid of the Incendius/Whitemane queue, many people would happily leave to decent medium-pop servers. And Blizzard could even use the transfers as an opportunity to balance those servers.

Blizzard is doing this is in the laziest, most irresponsible way possible, and if anything it’ll just make everything worse.


Letting people choose any server to transfer to will just break the servers that aren’t currently broken. Paid transfers were already starting to mess up Benediction. If they let anyone who wanted to avoid a queue transfer to the realm with decent balance and a high pop active player base, it would just immediately be queues for hours, and nothing is fixed. If the goal is legitimately to get thousands of people off certain servers, of course they’re gonna ask those people to go to low pop servers.

Maybe they should just split the over populated servers in half. Tonight they should announce these transfers are available for exactly one week, and then they’re splitting anyone who remains into two new servers. King Solomon style: next Tuesday after server maintenance you either get Incendius one or Incendius two, and it’s all up to chance. That’d make the decision making more fun to watch.


or You canPay $25 like the rest of us and you’ll get to transfer to the server of your choice.

Let’s complain about a free transfer.


The only reason people would be transferring off these three servers is to avoid queues, so it is very unlikely they would be transferring to a server with queues, or even the possibility of queues. There a couple dozen medium-pop faction-imbalanced servers where if Blizzard put in faction restrictions again, they could have used this as an opportunity to actually balance the servers, while improving the overall experience of the vast majority of the players.

Instead, they went with a “solution” that won’t make anyone happy.

Really? Because I read a lot of QQ about queues on the forums. Now, we have a solution to that. Of course not everyone will be happy with whatever solution is given. There are far too many people who play WoW for that to even be a possibility.

Your point about Thalnos and/or Arcanite and an outcome of “greater faction-imbalance” assumes that there is agreement that faction balance is of any importance. It is not.

For anyone on Whitemane, Faerlina, or Incendius who, for whatever reason, is incapable of dealing with the queue times, there is a way out, for free.

If you would like to promote some other agenda, by claiming there are other points, then that’s your prerogative, just as it is mine to disagree.


thats not garbage. thats your diaper.


Blizzard HELP we’re drowning!

Blizzard throws a life-preserver into the water



the fact that they’re allowing horde to free xfer to thalnos, a server that is currently 99.7% horde is just comedy gold.


Letting people transfer for free to Thalnos is not a solution to anything. No one is going to go, and if they do go it won’t be the people who need to go, or they’ll be miserable when they get there.

There were FAR better solutions.

Agreed! 99.7% Horde Thalnos LOL

1 Alliance guild moving to Thanlos probably instantly makes it 50/50 though.

It’s a solution to queue times for those who complain about them. There are not so many options for dealing with them, there is no complaint worth discussing.

In your opinion. However, please do realize that no matter what solution is given to any perceived problem, the playerbase for WoW is so immense that some people will complain.

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Server merges are about as un-vanilla like as you can get. Not sure why that’s even peddled as an option.


Just because some people will complain about every solution, doesn’t mean that some solutions aren’t better than others.

All I’m saying is, if I was in charge of Classic servers I would have merged empty servers instead of offering free transfers. And I would have used the free transfers as an opportunity to balance the medium-pop servers by having faction-specific transfers.

This seems to me at least as a better solution, at least from the perspective of the players. Though sometimes it feels like Blizzard intentionally ruins servers so they can get that paid transfer money.


Yeah, and here’s something to think about:

You, and your guild don’t like the queues. Maybe you cannot stand them, or too many of your members can’t make raid times due to them, etc.

However, guess what? Most places that I can think of, around the world have declared a literal (in the literal sense of the word) State of Emergency. There is financial impact to people who have been laid off, are seasonal workers, etc. and maybe a paid transfer isn’t the best option for now.

You (and your guild) can opt to take a free transfer to a low population server, alleviating any stress with regards to making raid times, etc. and not adding the pressure of $25 per character, for each member of your guild to transfer.

Then, after the Coronavirus quarantines are over, and things get back to normal, if the queues die down, and you and your guild decide to move back, or move eslewhere, guess what else? You took a free transfer, and that is not subject to the same 90 day cooldown as a paid transfer, so you still have options!

Awesome! :+1:


Agreed. You would have to define what better means, and hopefully have a reasonable way to measure it.

Cool. The GM for a guild on Mal’Ganis that was well known, and had a forum with some excellent resources ended up leaving his career in law to become a game designer at Blizzard. Maybe in the future, it will be you who is in charge of Classic servers!

It seems that faction balance is something you personally care about a great deal. So I can imagine that it is something you think of as being important.

And, you may be right. Perhaps not. I suspect that you are correct that some players would prefer that. I also suspect that some others would not. But, /shrug who knows?

I think that the current solution really leaves the individual player to make their own decisions. From my point of view, opening up free transfers from the realms with the longest queues to the lowest population realms seems like a great way to go.

It is a company, so of course they are going to care about profit. However, this type of comment is often made by players who seem to be signaling a distaste for the outcome.

I’ve heard children scream and cry, and tell their parents that they “hate” them. I don’t think that ever leads to the intended result, and they usually apologize afterwards.

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The consensus is that it would be better if servers were close to balanced. In fact, the reason Incendius got so full is because people were fleeing badly imbalanced servers.

When people first started transferring to Incendius it was 40/60 horde. The people on Skeram who chose Incendius didn’t want to transfer to an existing balanced server because it meant it would necessarily become imbalanced. Instead they chose a server with a slight horde majority so that transferring would create a new balanced server.

I don’t think server balance is “just my opinion” and you shouldn’t be so flippant about its importance to most players. Pretty much any server that nears 70% one faction or another will likely lead to one faction or the other completely leaving, and faction-imbalance tends to get worse over time.

For the health of Classic, Blizzard ought to make strides to prevent dying servers from faction-imbalance. But Blizzard has a conflict of interest, they like the paid transfer money, so they don’t really have a great interest in “fixing servers”. This seems to be the way they offer a solution to quiet the complaining, which isn’t actually a solution.

And then the Blizzard fanbois can get on here deflecting by saying “They gave you an option, for free, why are you still complaining?”

It is annoying, please stop.

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What servers do you consider “viable” ?

Don’t come to Anathema. We are big enough to maintain a Vanilla feel. We don’t want to be merged. We are not a dead server. We just don’t have queue times and terrible economies. Go elsewhere please,thank you.


If server balance was important to players why did nearly every single original server and already many classic servers devolve into a single faction outnumbering the other?

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