Everyone do not take the free transfer in protest for giving us such bad xfer options

If I offer you free icecream and poop in the cone, it’s ok because it’s free, right?

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And then the medium sized servers become the overfull servers again?

Classic example of people not willing to be the change they want to see.


I do like the idea of mergers. I don’t like the idea of opening transfers to medium pop servers so they can be turned into the flaming rubbish that the 3 servers people are attempting to leave became. A medium pop server is basically a beacon screaming “pick me.” Then when everyone (and it would be everyone) picks it, that server becomes a hotbed for queues.

They should have chosen low pop servers that aren’t mostly dead.

According to Ironforge.pro, the average sized server has about 5000 raiders. Incendius has 11.4k. The only servers with long queues are servers with more than 10k raiders.

If you took took Incendius and an average-sized server, combined them then split that in half, that would be two 8k servers. That would make them about the 10th largest server out of 40, and neither server would have a queue.

And there are a couple dozen medium-sized servers.

There is no danger of any server becoming overfull from these transfers. But spreading the population around, especially if you make transfers faction-specific, could improve the experience for everyone.

Disagree with this. If there wasn’t a danger, they would have opened them up. The danger is legitimate.

Also, as for server balance, I believe it matters way more on PVP servers than on PVE servers. My server (PVE) is very heavily skewed Alliance, but we have multiple very strong raiding guilds horde side.

In these cases, I believe server balance definitely matters though.

But if thousands of players transfer, that CHANGES the population.

What’s the point of switching to a “was high, now is FULL” server? Isn’t the whole point to avoid a server that WILL have queues after everyone switches to it?

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Why are they flaming rubbish? Because they got too big?

So blizzard always makes the best decisions?

The only danger from free transfers is if multiple servers are able to transfer to the same server. In the case of Heartseeker, only about 10% of Skeram and Stalagg transferred during the free transfers, but all the transfers were alliance because the servers were so imbalanced. And that still wouldn’t have made Heartseeker even a medium-population server. It was the other dozen servers that had transfers there, plus Blizzard making no effort to maintain faction-balance that made Heartseeker what it is.

Even if a third of Incendius transferred to the same server, that server still wouldn’t have queues. And you won’t even get a third of Incendius to transfer to begin with because Incendius isn’t imbalanced. No one actually wants to leave, and the queues are largely temporary.

As long as there isn’t a decent place to transfer to, there will only be a tiny number of casual players who will leave. And even if there was a good medium-pop server to go to, pretty much only enough people would leave until there were no longer queues. If you think everyone on Incendius is going to transfer to some entirely different server, making presumably Incendius a dead server, and this other server will suddenly have crazy queues, well, that just isn’t reality.

People HATE transferring, even with free transfers. And people especially don’t want to transfer to already dead servers, or servers that are 99-1 horde.

The best server that you can currently transfer to is Earthfury, and that server already had free transfers twice.

Go to Ironforge.pro, each of the three servers with free transfers has like 10k+ raiders. Medium pop servers have 5k raiders. If you combined Incendius’s 11k with a medium pop 5k and split it in half, that is only 8k. The 8k servers are “high” not full. And there a lot more medium-pop servers than full servers.


So they could becoming overpopulated as well?

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What do you mean by overpopulated? I get that maybe some people don’t want to play on big servers, but that could even be the case for the servers they picked for free transfers. Earthfury, Smolderweb, and Netherwind may not want transfers either, or maybe they do? I don’t really know.

But what I do know is, people who’ve been playing on Incendius since launch, or who transferred there recently, want to play on at least medium-pop servers, and would be even happier with a relatively-balanced “high-pop” server. Most medium-pop servers were at one time high-pop servers.

As for your server, Deviate Delight, it has less than half the population of Earthfury and Smolderweb, and is even smaller than Netherwind and Windseeker. The only reason Blizzard didn’t open free transfers to your server is probably because it is an RP server. So when I mention “medium-pop” servers, I’m thinking more in the 4-6k range, not 2k like Deviate-Delight.


Feels pretty crappy that original players of these high pop realms are pressured to leave due to others transferring in.

At least stop the transfers to these high pop realms or this is a total joke.

are getting the same options as other players because when you rolled on the server doesn’t entitle you to privileges others cannot have. “Original players” are in no way under more pressure than anyone else on the server to transfer. All are given the same method to lose the queue.


Original players oh boy that’s a good one you are NOT special everyone is effected by this.

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To be fair this won’t fix anything no one will move but hey I am impartial to it.

hi random guild member

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Oh, now.

The one thing we can be certain of on this forum, is that people will always complain.


Cross posted from here: Free transfer options are an insult not a solution

As Guild leader of one of the Largest Successful Horde Guilds on Whitemane, I can only say that this is insulting and not even relief for the 6-7 hour queues we face now because of Covid-19;

I cannot convince my raid teams to xfer to a dead server. Allow Free xfers to all nonfull servers and close xfers as the recipient servers fill up with a period of notice so guilds/friends can get there.

The solution to overpopulation is not force onto dead servers.

To provide a lip service non-starter solution is infuriating in the face of the public crisis we all face.

and before the forum band wagoners start piling on, yes we chose a large server, but we could not have fairly anticipated the pandemic locking our entire nation down and starting queues at 11 AM that extend for the entire play period.

Practically, as a Guild anticipating server xfering we have to not only consider the different traits of a new server but also have to sell that xfer decision to our player base. Almost no Raiding Guildleader, no matter how charasmatic will convince to xfer to servers like the 3 proposed for whitemane.

Just because we don’t want to play on a server with 14k active players doesn’t mean that our players are willing to move to a server with less than 1k active players.

Give us a real solution now Blizzard for the #coronaqueues.

#coronalayering is better than the current alternative…

Here’s an idea if you are afraid of multiple world boss kills just implement a system like retail where they won’t appear on all layers but disappear/can’t be engaged if currently engaged or killed.

Real solutions for our real crisis please!

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So you want me to wait 3h queue to log into my server and convince people to NOT LEAVE so I have the same queue every day? Do people read what they type before posting these days?

They are flaming rubbish because it takes 2-3 hours to log into the servers meaning players can’t play and Blizzard was forced to offer free transfers off them. Moving these players to medium sized servers risks doing this again.

You know what people hate more? 2 hour queues. If there was a medium sized server to transfer to, a ton of people would jump ship. You are basing your entire argument on how free transfers have worked in the past when there wasn’t a medium sized server to launch to. Provide an attractive server and the behavior is going to be very different.

Seriously. There were better options. This isn’t one of them. It has the potential to screw over the medium sized server which solves nothing. But hey, I am sure you have the analytics regarding player behavior on server transfers right in front of you and blizzard just doesn’t. I am sure you have done a thorough analysis of how many players need to move off these 3 servers in order to eliminate login queues and blizzard just dropped the ball on all of that.

Obviously if the analysis was simple, blizzard would have done this weeks ago right? Straight up, your narrative is based on a small picture worldview that doesn’t account for variables that you can’t know because you don’t have all the data.

But hey, don’t let that get in the way of your narrative.

Heartseeker was a medium-population server but you didn’t see a flood of people coming to Heartseeker except from badly imbalanced servers like Skeram and Stalagg. And they left less to avoid the queues as to avoid the imbalance. On servers that weren’t badly imbalanced almost no one left.

No one wants to leave Incendius, period. Everyone is hoping that other people leave. In the case of Incendius, it really won’t be the major guilds transferring off, especially not hardcore guilds, because why would they? Most of them literally just paid to transfer there within the last few months.

The people who will be transferring off Incendius will overwhelmingly be the casuals/tourists. Even if there was a decent medium-pop server to transfer to that would still be the case.

If Blizzard really wanted to improve the low-pop servers, like Thalnos, the free transfers won’t help. They need to just merge Thalnos, Anathema, and Arcanite Reaper because no one is going to go there and they are dying. Then they need to give the casuals from Incendius a “decent” server to transfer to, and make it faction-specific to prevent further faction-imbalance.

Blizzard isn’t “managing” the servers in a responsible way, they are just trying to silence the complaining by giving people bad choices.