Everyone do not take the free transfer in protest for giving us such bad xfer options

Wait until they open up more viable realms for free xfer. Until then no one take.

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Rofl, the servers they chose are a joke. Thalnos? hahahahahaha

They literally picked the deadest servers for the free transfers. If they want to fix dead servers with transfers they should just merge them. I hope not a single person transfers, and you should spam this on every discord and in world chat on every server.


3 hour wait to spam general/trade chat with this message on whitemane. I’ll just keep playing my heartseeker priest instead i guess.

So… they took the fullest servers and offered you a FREE transfer to the least full server?

I’d see that as a GOOD idea.

And if none of you leave, you won’t get to complain later when your queue is still high because NO ONE left. You’ll only have yourself to blame.


Blizzard should have allowed transfers from full to decent medium-pop servers by faction and merged the low-pop servers. That is the kind of solution that the players actually want.

No one is going to take free transfers to dead servers. And the ones who do will either regret it and later have to pay money to transfer somewhere else, or they’ll end up causing faction imbalances.

Not only that but Blizzard reserves the right to stop transfers at any time, so they could close transfers halfway through a guild transfer.


No, what you don’t understand here is that this is a collective action problem, and that server economies benefit from the network effect. Even if you have 3 entire guilds from each faction transfer servers, you need to make sure they all go to the same dead server in order to liven it up. If each guild chooses a different server not knowing what the other guilds/factions will pick, they will just end up on a server that remains dead. So there is very little incentive to transfer, and much incentive to stay on Whitemane or whatever.

No one wants it to be impossible to find the right enchants/tailoring/mats/whatever on their server, which is what’s going to happen if you go to a dead server.

Obviously. Why would they pick any other servers for free transfers? :roll_eyes:


So… more people go to the dead server… less Server Que and over time the AH and the like will be fixed. It sounds like a good plan. If you don’t want to move then don’t. or pay for a server move to a mid pop realm of YOUR choosing.


There are plenty of medium pop servers that could handle an extra few hundred people each.

Everyone. Take a look at your face. Are you unhappy with it? Cut off your nose to spite it.


they offered a free option. or you can pay for a Server of your choosing. I think thats 100% fair.


If the problem of not transfering is primarily the economy, maybe this game needs cross-realm AH.

It only takes a couple of guilds to volunteer to bring those dead servers back to life. You’ll dodge queue too. Win win.


Yes, there are. And we are free to roll character on them. We can also pay to transfer to them.

The free transfers are meant to alleviate queue times for those who care. Why wouldn’t Blizzard open up the lowest population realms only for free?

That’s (absolutely, 100%) what was expected.


Give a child a cookie, they cry that it’s not big enough.

They picked realms where more people are needed. Either take one, or enjoy your queue.


A cookie that smells like garbage, gee thanks.

Because that isn’t what the players actually want. Again, Blizzard should just merge low-pop servers because free transfers are the same thing, except in a merge they can control the faction balance.

For instance, they have Thalnos as a server you can transfer to but it is basically 100% horde. No alliance will transfer to Thalnos. They could give free transfers to Thalnos from EVERY SERVER in the game, it wouldn’t improve faction-balance, if anything it would make it even worse.

On the other hand, they could merge Thalnos into a low-pop alliance-majority server and end up with a relatively balanced medium-pop server.

The goal of Blizzard is to actually get people to transfer off Incendius, so there needs to be a viable alternative otherwise they aren’t going to leave. And preferably Blizzard should get them to go to a server that they’ll actually be happy with, instead of trying to trick them into going to dead servers.


Its FREE. If you want an high quality cookie you can 1. Pay for it. 2. Make your own. ((Reroll))


Then select whatever it is you want as a player. The options are all there.

That’s your opinion. My opinion is it is to quell the noise from the whiners.


Then don’t transfer. But don’t complain about queues after this point.