Every Man for Himself

Needs a nerf. Ridiculous that they have an extra button to get out of stuns.

ok but seriously blizzard buff it and will of the forsaken while you’re at it

Don’t worry. There is an incoming nerf. It was announced today:

" * The human racial ability that allows you to escape has been renamed. It is now called Every Skinny Kul Tiran for Himself."

Take that humans!

It actually got nerfed in Legion. Increased the base CD and the shared cd with other trinket effects. Basically it does almost nothing in PvP anymore, I think.

And this was coming off waves of hatred for it ever since Wrath so probably not likely to be buffed.


Why does it gotta be “Every MAN for himself”? Why not “Every WOMEN for HERSELF”? I mean, women could be cowards also.

(I’m just joking)

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The racial should be changed to “I’m 10 get me out of here!”

No. End of story.

Good Day.

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grats it was already nerfed next thread

It also used to remove fear if I remember correctly.

In WoD it removed stun, fear, charm, polymorph and daze.