Every Black Lotus spawn right now .... 24/7

How else are you supposed to film them in action without being there?
What should you do if its the same faction?
What should you do if you’re on a PvE server?

And no, I’m not convinced these are bots … these are multiboxers corpse camping the spawn.

Make herbs invisible while dead and this stops.


It’s a genius double-dip. Take the subscriber money from bots, and then sue them to get even more!

The guy filming this not only won the lotus, he could have won it unopposed because he beat the other guy to it. All this talk of botting and yet none of it helped the supposed botter.

nobody’s gonna talk about the spider that was gonna kill the cow?


Its almost like you trolls intentionally miss the point of every thread.


Ghost herb spotters aren’t bots.

they cant think outside the box. botting is not a problem because this one particular one didnt get the herb.

they only see a 30 second clip of a bot losing but dont know the hours upon hours they work these tactics. how many times is a player there to stop the bot vs how many times they log in to get the herb and just log right back out to check the 10-20-30 or more characters across multiple accounts.

i know this is an old video but this is how it happens, 24/7.

but its not a problem because mr mage was there to stop them one time.

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Hes 100% right. No evidence of botting there. Lots of people sit in ghost form at spawn points .

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Anyone who has been farming knows this is an issue.

What you are seeing in this thread is a bunch of ignorant fools trying to imagine non-existent scenarios where this isn’t an issue to fit their simple minded narratives.

I absolutely steal lotus from bots but that is not the norm and the mental gymnastics required to think that “just because you can get one lotus from a bot means it isn’t broken” is next level retardation.


Yea and in the video you can see the lotus was already spawned while the mage was just sitting there (maybe the mage is a bot???) Maybe he hoped to get it while he thought the mage was afk. Either way, definitely doesnt prove anything other than Lotuses are highly competitive spawns, which… we already knew.

Hope that someone on the other faction is nearby also trying to get lotus, they’re pretty competitive so that’s generally not an issue.

Realize there’s a flaw to your choice of server, should’ve gone Horde pvp like everyone else.

Naw, we’re good. Nice talk though, are you a bot? You did win that lotus, so I dunno you might be.

personally, i think its a bot. i only say that because of the actions (or lack thereof) by this “bot”. that mage was standing directly on its corpse.
i mean, you can see enemy players and npc’s in ghost form within rez range. this character didnt appear to safely do so nor make an attempt to counter-play for that lotus. the name doesnt help either lol

all things considered, thats a good deal lol. i would imagine they have no shortage of suckers willing to pay that either. im sure i would have fell for it when i was trying to get dalrend’s main hand.

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While I admit blizzard has been extremely stingy with development hours, they’ve done things like change the entire phase schedule to account for emergent player behaviors (particularly in phase 2). They also made a change to lotus spawn timers already to help combat this issue, though they didn’t increase the total number of available spawns.

It’s not unreasonable to expect them to fix a problem like lotus spawns… particularly since it’s a problem of their own invention. They’ve left the population cap far above even the biggest vanilla servers. This dramatically lowers the available lotus per player, and encourages behavior like what we’re seeing with low-level ghosts (possibly run by bots) camping the spawns.

It’s also not unreasonable to suggest that this is the kind of problem that the development team would have addressed during Vanilla.


nice deflection. yes, they are in high demand and highly competitive. no one is debating that.

obviously the mage was waiting to get the video capture. its not like he is talkign to the bot saying hey you can log in now because im here and recording.

nothing youve said really suggests that the player is in fact actually a player

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You have to understand that they do this all day long. They aren’t strategizing how to pick each one, theyre just attempting to pick EVERY one playing the numbers. 90% of the time there is nobody there to stop them.


And? PvPers rank all day long, nobody complains about (looks at forums)- ok, so they do, but Blizz sure doesn’t do anything about it.


there’s not only nothing obvious in your statement, but there’s actually no evidence the whole thing wasn’t staged.

what you’re stating and what you’re trying to state are not the same thing here, i don’t think.

obviously you arent thinking. no offense.

i dont understand why this is such a hard concept. are you a chinese lotus farmer?

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That’s not an emergent or exploitative behavior. The PvP system was well known to require that kind of activity since vanilla. It seems to be a conscious design decision.

Low level players ghost-camping lotus spawns in silithus IS an emergent behavior, and arguably exploitative of unintended consequences of game mechanics.

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you are reaching for every reason why this isnt a bot even tho ever reason it is a bot is right in front of you yet you choose to be blind.

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