Everburning Crystal / Frostfire Remembrance appearance

I’m looking to get the Everburning Crystal / Frostfire Remembrance appearance from Legion.

After looking online, I found that the requirements to get it were originally saying you needed to be a certain artifact level (this is no longer required) and to unlock the teleportation nexus. After doing so, there would be a chance once you went to your order hall, you would see the text: “You hear a strange crackling sound from the portals downstairs” and you click one of the portals to teleport you to the respective zone.

However, I skipped Legion and BFA so I never unlocked the Teleportation Nexus. Also, when I teleport to my Order Hall, everything is destroyed so even if I got the text to show up the path is blocked off. You can blink past the wreckage, but again, there aren’t any portals downstairs.

How do I proceed from here? Is it a Legion Chromie thing I need to change or quests I need to finish? Do I just teleport to the Order Hall each day and hope for the text to appear, then click the only portal upstairs back to Dalaran?

Any help would be super appreciated!