<Evenfall> 4/12m, 12/12h LF DPS. 4 hr raid week.Late night 10pm-12pm CST . Core together since MOP

is a group of core players that have been raiding together since MOP. We are combination of adult raiders that like to keep a light raid schedule while still being productive and taking our roles seriously and getting things done. Several of us used to be in cutting edge environments of old,but over the years we like to game while keeping a good game/life balance.

We run a 4 hour raid week. Tue and Thur 10pm-12pm Central time. With that being said. We need raiders to be able to make the short 4 hour week. When real life happens. No problem, just give us a heads up. We run a few bench positions to fill as needed.

What we are looking for—

We are looking to continue to pick up some like minded people that can commit to our raid schedule, come prepared and have a good attitude towards the game.

What you can expect—
A stable raid environment that focuses on being productive and keeps it mellow and respectful. Several of us like to focus on M+ runs and other things on off raid nights

Moving forward—

We will continue to work on mythic the 4 hours a week this tier. And move into Shadowlands strong together. Come check a great group out if you are looking for a good raiding and gaming home!

We are currently looking for Solid DPS that can commit to our raid schedule.

BTAG…Xionfalling#1834 , Snypeshow#1349,
or discord… Horizon(Xionsfalling)#3517 , Snypeshow#5225