Even mega servers are dead on 1-60 leveling content

It is time to work with cross-realm zones for 1-60, so when WoTLK Classic arrives you can have it for 1-70 too.



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It’s not hard to figure out. People that are leveling alts are usually being dungeon boosted by friends and guildmates. The traditional leveling experience hasn’t existed since the summer.


You all forgot the 58 boost?


By the time Wrath comes out I’ll have at least 5 70’s, probably more. I won’t be leveling up another through Azeroth or Outlands. The previous zones will be dead no matter what Blizzard does. That’s just how it is when you’re replaying 15 year old content in a game that’s not growing by millions with new players constantly starting the game at level one.


This game lacks a “Level Sync” function

When you /Levelsync in chatbox as a group leader, it sets the entire party at the lowest member’s level. Sync’ed ppl would still get XP they would get normaly at their max level (mostly zero when helping low guildies) but at least 4 level 70 guildies could run a Dungeon/help a guildie leveling at the proper level.

This would be far more fun and interesting and encourage ppl to redo lowbie content.
Before anyone asks, gear would scale to your level and auto-adjust defence/offence etc.


Yeah I agree the level sync feature how it’s done in final fantasy would be a very welcome feature to World of Warcraft but the problem is they problem is they can’t implement something like that in tbcc I mean look how long it took them to do a level scaling and we only got that in legion.

On top of that can you imagine how many people would be angry about the concept of how dare you bring this modern feature into our precious tbcc Never mind it would be better for the game I mean if people make such a problem with dual spack.

How do you think they’re gonna feel about the concept of level scaling like can you imagine being level 60 something and beyond run something like dead minds with people.

And actually be on the level from it there are so many people that would absolutely hate that I think it would be a good change but too many people I think would Hate it.

I do agree though it would most definitely be better for the game overall


Yeah I agree the thing is though most people are either one lovely with guilties or 2 they just don’t have a reason to level because like it or not the level up process for tbc In some ways it’s kind of worse than in classic because the only thing you have to grind is levels in classic they take longer but it’s only levels.

In tbc It’s levels and reputation a lot of them if you do it right can be done while you’re leveling so so yeah it’s you need to do extensions for is dungeons for X rap and then you really need to start questioning and other area so it’s a lot of run here to do this and then go back to these dungeons x times.

But I do think cross round from 1 to 60 would help but honestly what it really needs is a lovely scaling system It’s like they have in final fantasy although I’m not sure how they would implemented and I don’t 100% trust blizzard to implement it well.

And I don’t think they have the man power to do it So yeah that’s what I would say to it

I like how the tbc forum is just full of players asking for retail features.

Lol. Gee, wonder why.


The original BC forum was full of players asking for some of these same features. Because the same problems existed back then too.

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Retail is bad. Why would you add a retail feature when you know what it leads to?

Tbc players are asking for retail changes because the majority are retail players.

SoM feels so much better than classic vanilla because all the mindless retail content consumers played classic as their newest expansion. They didn’t play SoM because they can’t fathom playing content that they have already did(classic vanilla 2019), they don’t comprehend quality, they only appreciate new shiney content regardless of the quality and classic temporarily fit that bill.


What’s retail? There are a hundred changes between BC and shadowlands. I happen to think a dozen of them were good. This argument that if you like one change that came later in the game means you want retail is stupid.

You like the changes to the Vanilla game that came with SoM. I don’t like most of them. It’s designed to skip a lot of the leveling content and rush to end game. I could say that’s what retail does. It’s funny how you just decided that the original game has these “retail” components that you’re happy were changed. /shrug

SoM made it so my quest turn in gives me 4 bars of exp instead of 3 bars of exp. It’s negligible. It gives a tiny bit of breathing room in the long stretch of 40-55 leveling. It doesn’t trivialize the game whatsoever.

Retail is flying mounts. Retail is dailies. Retail is lfd. Retail is lfr. Retail is cross realm connection in open world. Retail is nerfing content and offering different modes. Retail is obvious and comes in a large variety of features from over ten years of addition. You should feel bad if you like any other version of wow beyond vanilla

Maybe if they had a classic fresh > TBC transfer system. Once you hit 60 on fresh you can free xfer to TBC or clone for $$$

As someone who is now playing classic again for the third time, the game was good then because the rest of the games were trash.

The content doesn’t hold up to modern standards of gaming. It’s not good content. Playing classic 2019 showed it wasn’t good. SOM realistically is only working because of the hardcore community, which has been some of the most fun I’ve had in a while, but that too will die off.

I just want Riot to get to work on their MMO and finally kill off Blizzard.


A 33% increase in exp doesn’t seem negligible to me. It’s rather substantial. How would you feel if blizzard raised the sub price 33%? Would that be negligible?

So BC is retail. Of the three games of wow I like Vanilla is the worse of the three. BC and Wrath are far superior games. But it doesn’t seem to me that you liked Vanilla. You prefer the game with major changes.

Your argument is so flimsy it hinges on relating in game quest exp to the real life dollar amount required to subscribe to the game? Get a grip dude. Like how much lower could you possibly sink?

Quest exp is increased. Yes. I get 4 bars of exp instead of 3 when I turn in a quest. That is the textbook definition of negligible. You could experience it yourself, how invisible that change is, by playing SoM yourself if you don’t believe me.

Your whole entire post is garbage. You insinuate that I prefer SoM over vanilla as if they aren’t virtually the exact same game. As if SoM incorporates retail features. Logic dictates that is not conducive to the long term health of the server considering it’s considered classic wow aka not retail on purpose. There’s no retail gameplay feature additions in SoM.

You realize I’ve been playing vanilla for like 10 years and I haven’t bought one retail expansion in those ten years, nor subscribed to wow obviously.

Vanilla and SoM are working because they’re objectively more sticky and worthwhile games while the expansions all feel vapid due to being expansions and not actual games.

If you release fresh Shadowlands server, no one will bat an eye no one will care. If you release vanilla fresh you have a dedicated playerbase that has been consistent for many years. Modern gamers have no semblance of quality in a video game. They just want good graphics and instant gratification, that’s why call of duty and wow expansions sell even though everything stays the same.

This isn’t some flash in the pan. Vanilla is objectively the best version of the game and if they release classic wotlk, it’ll be cemented in stone with data that vanilla servers hold players the longest, just like we’ve seen for years in private servers. Classic tbc died within 3 months of previously healthy vanilla servers. Wotlk will have the exact same effect, cannibalizing the tbc servers, and having quicker and even more dead servers than tbc produced.


Find me any definition of negligible that claims it’s a 33% increase. You’re just wrong. There’s no sense attempting a discussion with someone who doesn’t even know the basic definitions of the words they use.

I already experience an exp increase when I play a low level alt in classic bc. It’s a substantial increase that lets me skip a lot of content that I had to do to level up this priest. And from what I understand the Azeroth exp in BC is less of an increase then what you get in SoM. You want to rush through leveling as quickly as possible to get to the end game. In spirit that’s what retail is all about.

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