Eternal... Toxic Dumpster Fire Guild

I don’t care about the pvp solution for pvp problem when the server is this unbalanced preventing the alliance from raiding Epitomizes griefing, We all know that not one of your members has any individual talent maybe you’d have more to do if you didn’t run most of the alliance players off the server. Blizzard this is the crap that made classic almost flop

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so what’s going on?

Classic servers won’t ever be balanced–too many horde came from retail.

They’re clearly skilled being a top 100 guild in BWL speed clears right now, which is saying something considered Alliance is better for raiding in classic (only 30 of top 100 are Horde).

As far them camping the orb hallway, who knows…maybe their parents didn’t love 'em? (:

I don’t pay attention to stuff like this usually, but yesterday they blocked the BWL orb preventing any of their own faction players from entering the instance and were actively taunting people by saying things like “what idiot can’t click and orb”. This was really unfortunate for us because our hunter could not get in the raid. Just wondering why you’d do that I guess.

If you were nice to them they have individuals who could tell you a macro that removes char models, allowing you to click the orb, they are their specifically to grief an alliance guild(s), for whatever reason; although it must be a good reason if 20+ ppl have decided to dedicate 2-3 hrs of their time every week to doing absolutely nothing.

Also, for those who don’t feel like getting buddy buddy or using a macro, walk up to the orb.

Zoom your camera ALL THE WAY IN

Push your chars body right up to the orb and look for a green ball protruding from the char models. If you cant see it, move position around the orb (keep pushing your body up to the orb) until you can. A gear icon that you are used to seeing will appear. Click it & have a nice day.

Would like to add that this behavior actually helps other guilds on Horde side by allowing them to ferry world buffed characters into the raid with very little harassment from alliance guilds, if any at all.

l2click the orb and you may end up appreciating them.

How about instead of crying like some little snowflake you transfer off to some pve server like the rest? Maybe then you wont bullied while trying to get to bwl

If you’re having fun now, just wait till we are all in silithus hahaha