<Eternal Pantheon> 10/10 H 3/10M SoD Tues/Thurs LF Ranged/Warrior/DK

Zul’Jin 10/10 H 3/10M SoD is recruiting for 9.1! We enjoy pushing m+ keys and doing arena and those who do not necessarily want to progress through raiding are also welcome to apply for m+ or just to be part of an active guild.

All classes are welcome to apply for a raid trial. We are specifically looking for any ranged dps (Boomkin, Warlock, Shadow priest preferred). HIGH NEED for Warrior/DPS DK. Any other competent dps are welcome to trial. Raid nights are Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8:30PM to 11:30 PM server and sometimes we’ll have optional raids on Saturday nights at the same time.

If this seems like a fit for you, please send a message to the recruiting officers below for information.


Come kill monsters with us

Looking for a solid resto shaman!

Tried adding you on disc but didnt work?

My discord name isn’t the same. Add me on bnet Darosent#1386 or try Daro#0390 on discord. Can also message me in game!

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In need of a WW/UH/and others!

come get it

Still looking for some dps!

lets go get it done

LFM solid DPS!

Come Play With Us

Still LFM DPS!

We be dancin in the rain

Looking for most dps specs! Come join us!

Looking for a few members still!

In need of a fire mage and WW especially!

Could use one more healer as well!

LF DPS-Mage/WW! And 1 more healer!

Need 1-2 more exceptional dps but especially mage/hunter/warlock/ele/dk

Still looking for another ranged or two.