Eternal Palace Tuning This Week

Eh, previous raids being obsolete really became prevalent in Wrath so it’s been a while. Catchup was done with valor and dungeons rather than WQ, and really catchup doesn’t really have an impact on what’s being discussed.

Yes there are other forms of passive nerfs like you mentioned and BFA has had them as well.

Uldir had Reorigination array stacks

EP has 3rd essence and AP levels that are way above what the raid was cleared at.

8.3 will have corruption resistance.

The TBC flat nerf wasn’t until the prepatch so not sure that counts.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here, who cares if it isn’t standard?

The nerf is appreciated but still not enough, imho. We’re still working on her (phase 3) but our biggest hurdle is attrition due to people burning out. Please save our guild from this. :frowning:


A lot of people still did previous raids in Wrath, I cleared Naxx and Uldir a bunch of times for meh gear on alts even during ICC, I even did older raids in MoP/Cata because the catch ups weren’t this big as now.

TBC was still a nerf as it lasted for some time. They have done “slight nerfs” to raids to compensate for a new expansion or squishes but nothing to that degree.

Array stacks and extra essence slot is nice, but that on the average player is no where close to the level that World first raiders are at. I mean not every guild has 2 Disc or 2 Holy paladins who are decked out and can carry them to underheal fights. I am totally fine with Mythic being stupid difficult in the beginning for those world first raiders, but overtime as heroic guilds finish and move onto Mythic the barrier is way too high.

Cata and Wrath increased in subs with their final tier. Im not saying the 5% is the reason but there wasn’t much in the final patch of Cata lol. I’m just saying the 5% nerf is far better than JUST targeted nerfs especially considering this tier is dead in a month and many guilds are stuck on fights that aren’t listed here. People are quitting because they can’t get past Abyssal Commander weird HPS check or the Ashvane brick wall wall. And desipite what people think players will just stop playing instead of “getting better” its been proven a 100x times.


I’ve edited the OP. It will be a 5% reduction.

Edit it again and make Azshara lose 5% too, that nerf is very situational, whereas a lot of guilds would like to get out of p2 without lust, or get out of p2 consistently.

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Patch 8.3 would be nice.

Thanks for the heads up. I’m hoping to get the Mythic version of each raid completed by the time the new expansion comes out. :slight_smile:

I feel its bit too late. The holidays is upon us so there won’t be much raiding progession in next two weeks and new raid is coming possibly next month.


Lovely… we spent 3 months on mythic org… finally killed it this week and NOW it gets nerfed…

tbh with the advent of benthic in this tier, other than maybe some azerite optimization and trinkets, people’s gear hasn’t gotten much better over the tier…


Nothing else gets nerfed like Mythic raiding. It constantly gets nerfed. Imagine if elite PVP pieces got lowered to 2300, then 2200, then 2100. M+ chests for max reward got dropped to needing a +9, +8, then a +7. That’s what Blizz is doing basically.

And I wouldn’t really care, but some of the best gear for PVP drops in that raid so it just incentivizes PVPers to have to do it even more.

That’s not even close to what Blizzard is doing. This argument is faulty simply because you can do 10’s the entire tier. You can get to 2300 on day one. You could be on Ashvane for a month, it’s about seeing more content, not about the loot. THE LOOT IS WORTHLESS SOON. It’s also about making sure the people that have been working on these bosses can kill them before they become irrelevant. Nothing feels worse than putting 300+ pulls into a boss to just not get anything at all for it.

If your argument is that these nerfs help people get loot, you don’t realize how minor these nerfs are. These nerfs do not magically allow a guild to start killing these bosses, a lot of these guilds spend MORE time even after nerfs than the guilds that killed them originally.

10’s difficulty changes every week, some harder some easier, are you saying this should go away?

Pvp difficulty changes every week, some harder some easier, are you saying this should go away?

Mythic 10 nerfs happen, affixes get nerfed.
Pvp nerfs happen, classes that are at high ratings get nerfed, easier to beat them, easier to climb.

If you don’t mythic raid, this doesn’t affect you so please don’t try to convince others that we don’t need/want these things.


honestly, I don’t even pvp more than it gets me gear for pve, but rating does inflate over each season in a way that’s not to dissimilar from what you’re suggesting. The M+ analogy works though, granted I don’t really care if other people manage to do some easier bosses, most guilds worse off than mine have plenty of good players in them that just choose to play with a greater ratio of bad ones. I don’t feel the nerfs particularly lessen my achievement in most these cases, granted there have been a few extreme rounds that have like odyn and avatar.

That’s called failure.

It is supposed to feel bad.


Lol… no they don’t have you played bfa?

Rating inflates yeah but then again there are significantly less players at 2400 than 7/8 mythic and you cant trade gear or bonus roll a 445.

2400 is SIGNIFICANTLY harder than a comparitive comparitive 1 to 1 loot ratio which is like 5 bosses.

Just because they haven’t nerfed what you want doesn’t mean they haven’t. Healer mana has been nerfed significantly, protection paladins had their heals GUTTED. Death Knight has been pooed on consistently. You’re just wrong.

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These changes are like over 9 months old. None of them even happened in the current season.