Eternal Palace-first women dominated raid

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With the exception of Onyxia(and that is kinda cheating because she was the only raid boss) The Eternal Palace is the first raid where the number of female bosses is greater than the male bosses. Add to that it was just something that sort of happened. It was not some feature/or selling point or whatever, it just happened to make quite a lot of sense for the raid in question.

Obviously considering Azshara was the final boss it was always expected. Personally, I think WoW does need more female villains. I like the idea that both men and women can be equally evil.


I think it’s already a weekend…:slight_smile:


I’m really not sure what the point of this thread is, other than making vague statements on the perceived commercialisation of female representation in media.

The majority of raid bosses in WoW are “who?”'s with zero screen-time or characterisation. The EP is pretty much the same outside of like Ashvane and Azshara. Until Blizz actually puts effort into developing and characterising more than one or two of the bosses in raids, they might as well be reskinned treasure chests :man_shrugging:

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My point is I am quite fond of being egalitarian(hence why I am quite ok with male Sentinels and female druids, female warriors etc). For the most part, WoW has always drifted slowly but surely to that point with the exception of bosses.

Be that as it may, it still sets a certain tone. Nearly every raid in WoW seems dominated with male bosses, if anything you usually have a token female boss or two. I’d rather it be more diverse than that.

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I dunno. ICC seemed pretty female-heavy to me. Especially once you exclude gender-neutral constructs, like Marrowgar and Festergut.

Lady Deathwhisper. Queen Lana’thel. Sindragosa. Even Valithria, if you want to count her encounter.


Check out naga lore, women were always on top in society. There is no agenda here.

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Marrowgar is a guy, he is called a Lord. Same with at least Rotface. And even if we count Valithria(and ignore the constructs) at most you would have equal number female/male bosses.

And I’m not saying they weren’t, if anything I always expected the Azshara would be the first female dominated raid. although, I wouldn’t say there is no “agenda” either(or more precisely that Blizzard has been conciously trying to make this expansion have a heaver female cast). Considering nearly every allied race leader has been a women and nearly every final raid boss sans Ga’huun has been a woman, and if Sylvanas does end up the final raid bosses…well you can see where I am going.

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He’s made up from the bones of thousands of fallen adventurers. Unless Arthas meticulously constructed him from bones selected from male corpses, it’s probably more of an honorific, than a hard-set indication of gender. Kind of like the Judeo-Christian God.

Though, I still maintain that it’s kind of pointless to ascribe gender to a pile of bones. Or any undead construct made from multiple donors. Thaddeus has a male name and physique, despite being made from women and children.

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I assume he was simply given a male spirit to animating him. And my point still stand, even if we ignore all the contstruct and include Valithria(and also excluding the Air Ship battle which had Muradin/Saurfang commanding them) it would still be at most a 50-50 split.


Honestly Elementals and Old Gods/N’raqi/C’thraxxi are also probably safe bets for being gender neutral.

I doubt physical manifestations of elements or madness care a whole bunch about mortal concepts of gender identity


BFA is the “future is female” expansion. All 3 Warbringers/antagonists are women. 8 of 9 allied race leaders are women.

I guess this is a great expansion for sexists who wants to murder women?


Don’t forget massacring the only matriarchal society in the game! Those silly elves were looking a bit too formidable and needed to be taken down a notch :grin:


How do people even notice crap like this?
We got far more serious problems than “There are too many wamen!”


Remember how they wrote Sylvanas as being proud to be the first female Warchief, and then immediately went about undermining this quasi-feminist stance by assigning every negative trope about women rulers to Sylvanas? (Manipulative/Undeserving/Too emotional to rule)

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Apparently, it’s a thing Zerde has had on his mind for a while:



Make a raid tier with a majority of female villains. End it by unleashing a giant tentacle monster that grabs their leader and pulls her into inky darkness.

Sounds about right for Blizzard.

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Yes, I have wanted to see it for a long while now.

Relatively speaking that is a better end than most bosses who you, all end up. Anyway, Blizzard had to find a way to keep her alive, tentacles just happen to be an Old God thing.

Im in favor of true gender equality. We should be able to drop kick these characters not because they women but just because they happen to be evil. Same with all the male characters we killed.

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So is Jaina Proudmoore.


Now that you mention it…

Has anyone had the opportunity to check the Lord Admiral?

Trust but verify.

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And Jaina happens to have been voiced by a women while Marrowgar by a guy. Look, even if Marrowgar was not considered in the count ICC would be at most a 50-50 split gender wise.(and that is also ignoring Rotface was called a “he” by Putricide)

Edit: Jaina is called a “Admiral Supreme” in French. Which means the “lord admiral” is used as a gender neutral term, but not lord, which is translated as seigneur.