Eternal Flux and pvp illusions

I don’t think anyone would disagree the Eternal Flux enchant is borderline satire it’s so bad it’s almost like they’re aware the enchants aren’t cool and thought this was some kind of humor(?)

Arguement I always heard is no more cool enchants because it blew up computers. I personally grew up with a computer that would have exploded and I think it’s worth it

Maybe we could drum up some good ol fashioned Internet outrage so Dragonlands s1 can have a disgustingly obnoxious color vomit?

I mean what else are you guys gonna be mad about. Frost mage sharpen blade?


Seizure inducing chants won’t be far enough, I want people to rip their eyeballs out because it’s so beautiful.


i agree amatox we want our computers blowing up from enchant color vomit


Imagine some ethereal dragon head pulsing out of the hilt and it changes aspect colors each season for a new tint.


Agreed, makes me not even want to push rating this season

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What’s s4 enchant look like?
Didn’t realize there wasn’t another elite set

10 charzards

Not even sure I’ll continue to pvp this season then. Got to 1800 pretty quick to just realize there’s no different elite set.
No point in continuing for me if the enchant is really bad.

It’s only a 3 month season (assuming pre-patch hits early November) so you won’t be missing much if you skip the rest of S4.

Also, if you need a quick break from WoW, now is the perfect time to do it so you come back refreshed for DF.


Could definitely use the break but I might just level alliance toons and relax.
Gotta finish ksm for the mount and next week’s raid for slime cat but then I think I’m done till DF


Inb4 they see that people haven’t really cared for the illusions this xpac and just remove them entirely as a reward.

That’d be easier for them than making an actual good illusion lmao

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I think that seasonal illusions are a single devs side project or something. Like, the alternative was that we just got Sinful for all four seasons like we did with dreadflame.

That was their reasoning back in Legion or something behind the Bloody Dancing Steel nerf which did lag people out quite a bit if you ran by them with it on, say, the High Warlord’s Pig Sticker.

Graphical requirements have improved a bit since then, though.

I actually really like S3 Cosmic Flow illusion. It fits my weapon really well.

Yeah it goes hard on the grand marshal claymore

How awesome would it be though if your PC actually exploded from an enchant!!