Essences... really ruining the game for a lot of people

Why don’t people just ignore them like me?


yep. Or in a waiting list. Nice thing about alliance warfront is you get ample time to sign up for the once a run reward, get in line for the WF then go see the vendor, work the table, make the food/potions you have been putting off lol. Then hit the forums too.

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They are changing the reputation and cost for those in the 8.3 patch. It will still some effort but it shouldn’t take nearly as long.

Have 6 or so alts with 2 essences (all they will ever have), 2 toons with 3 or 4, and this toon with a bunch.

I’ll grind them a few times but after that no. Thankfully, the stuff I do with alts (ie’s and questing) you don’t really need.

Those are the ones you buy. Vision of Perfection still requires me to complete Mechagon once a week for 6 weeks. Conflict and Strife takes a minimum of 5 weeks iirc. Memory of Lucid Dreams is like 30 days. Worldvein Resonance is 5 weeks iirc. It’s all ridiculous.


It’s that largely based upon the difficulty you are running? You get 1 from normal and 2 from hard off the king.

They are reducing this one as well.

I am willing to bet more of them will be changed as we get closer to 8.3 as well.

Huh what ?

If most people could get essences account bound they would . No one wants to grind them out on every toon.

As for telling the person to race change if they don’t like grinding essences on their newly leveled allied race.

That is one of the dumbest comments I have ever seen and you should feel bad for making such a stupid comment. How in H E double :ice_hockey: sticks would that solve the problem.

Blizz give me back my trust level 3 so I can shame gif this person


My alts could do just fine timing a +10 key, which is all i care about…because they’re alts. And that is without grinding my neck. I’ve got 4 120s that are decent and another 4 i don’t really care about. All of them fine without rank 3s

Not gonna lie I had no idea Hard mode gave 2. We’re still looking at 5 weeks for a bunch of these though. Also I am legitimately unsure if I can complete hard mode on some of my alts.

Blizzard clearly isnt going to get it that we WANT to play alts and these absurd systems they create are so against the concept of alts that yeah…they make it so we just give up.
Theyre like a cigarette company. They sell a product that is its own demise. The want to make money on something that literally makes it so the consumer has no incentive to keep buying it .


This company makes the game suck with essence grinds, then turns their stinking forum into a grind.
God I need to find a new forum to post on. :roll_eyes:

I quit classic because the pvp stuff was kinda a bummer and I felt like I was wasting my time.

Went to retail, leveled my DK and was having fun and then saw all the essences I had to farm…and realized that was a waste of my time.

Sub is up today and I have zero interest in renewing. Good luck to all that stay, may you get your essences quickly. Just dont care about grinding them out on every character to be competitive on what I am playing.

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That and the fact that this is the last patch and people are still whining about essences. They will be gone and forgotten in SL so I don’t get why the need for more threads about this.

My favorite time in this game was playing and raiding on multiple classes a week. I never loved the game more knowing I could go from one to another without having to worry about so many different road blocks just to play my class decent.

What a time that was and we will never have again. :frowning:

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I agree.


They will not listen to written feedback, you’ve got to cancel with a “essences should be account wide” listed as the note.


That is what blizzard seems to be lacking these days…the understanding that REPLAYABILITY makes or breaks a game.
Dont know how old you are, but way back when there was a game that came on a single 1.44MB floppy disk called “Pirates!”.
I was pretty low graphics. Maybe even CGA, possibly EGA.

Anyway, it was a seriously FUN game that you just loved starting new characters and playing over and over and over again. I’d still play the thing today if I had a copy.
the later versions werent quite as fun as the original.

A game that makes you WANT to come back and play it again is the BEST game out there.


heh…actually heres a video about Pirates

its pretty bad when THAT has far more replayability than WoW

I have literally played the least I have ever played this game the past two expansions. They have also been the most alt-unfriendly expansions to date. Not even close. There is nothing I like about WoW in its current state and find myself playing because I still seek that feeling I had in the early days and classic did not give it to me 100%. WotLK was my love of the game. If we ever went back to that or they ever release WotLK, I would stay subbed forever but I cannot do whatever this is that they do now.

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I have to admit, the more I run thru Wrath content the more its growing on me. Not quite Mists, but pretty good stuff.

There is no time in this game that compares to my time in Wrath. It is not nostalgia for me, it was simply what made me love this game the most.

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