Essences Feedback - Tank Essences

(Kaivax) #1

In this thread, please focus feedback and discussion on the tanking Essences currently being tested in the Rise of Azshara PTR:

  • Aegis of the Deep
  • Anima of Life and Death
  • Azeroth’s Undying Gift
  • Nullification Dynamo
  • Sphere of Suppression

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Sphere of Suppression seems to be out of line compared to the other essences, firstly it’s provides a substantial damage reduction on a major in a M+ environment (on a very short cooldown) and secondly it’s minor is a solid haste increase. In addition it seems to be a PvP obtainable essence that would be highly desirable for PvE.

(Llarold) #5

I don’t entirely agree on the Major. It’s a fine defensive, but not a wholly superior option to Azeroth’s Undying Gift. It’s useful for on-hit enemy effects like Necrotic, but worthless against casters and non-auto damage, which seems like a fine balance.

The primary issue I have with Sphere of Suppression is that its competition is undertuned. Nullification Barrier’s cooldown, 2:18 for a shield worth 3/4 of an AMS, is excessive. Aegis of the Deep is extremely undertuned. Flat damage reduction effects are an outdated mechanic for good reason. Even worse, both of these underwhelming defensive skills are on the GCD. A bonus that’s intentionally inconvenient to use and unrewarding when you do isn’t exciting.

Anima is the odd one of the bunch, but it’s not bad. As a modest AoE DPS keybind, it’s somewhere between Exploding Keg and Consumption. It’ll show up in the meters, but it’s not playstyle-altering or game-changing.

The Minor for Sphere is absolutely overtuned (relative to the competition) now that Engine of Ceaseless Progress no longer exists.


Undying gift has an extremely powerful major in a raid environment, the minor however is bad. Most essences seem to either have a strong major or strong minor, Sphere is the exception that has both. Granted it doesn’t help for magic but it doesn’t need to, the vast majority of the damage in M+ is physical attacks and there isn’t a competition here for Sphere.

Again I guess it’s ok for some essences to be really good somewhere, however in this case it’s a PvP attainable essence that shines in M+

(Jape) #7

Sphere of Suppression is extremely good but the rest of the essences are so undertuned/awful that I’d probably just end up using Anima if it got removed or messed with too much.

Tank essences so weak otherwise, that I would just use a dps one (despite the awful minor).

Tank essence Major abilities should be balanced around a 1 minute cd.

(Reese) #8

You keep the armor if you get healed so no its actually good. :woman_shrugging:

(Culin) #9

Sphere of Suppression feels way more integral to PVE than it does as a PVP essence. I think it should swap unlock requirements with another tank essence. Anima of Life and Death is probably a better candidate for PVP unlocks.

Frankly, I think tank essences shouldn’t be obtained from PVP at all as it’s more a playstyle that fits the mold of PVE than PVP.

(Jape) #10

Aegis of the Deep minor is pretty awful compared to Memory of Lucid Dreams. Lucid Dreams has ~30% uptime on 502 Vers and Aegis of the Deep is 59 Vers per stack per enemy.

Healing from Lucid Dreams - 204,000
Healing from Aegis with a 10 stack (unrealistic to maintain)- 293105
Aegis 5 stack healing- 146,552

So, when you dramatically reduced the versatility from Aegis stacks you made this essence outclassed in both dr, damage, AND healing.

Aegis is especially miserable during boss fights. Please revert this to the original 5 stack.


Tanks are not going to want to do pvp content.

  • Anima of Life and Death

The only upside this has over Idol of Indiscriminate Consumption is that it does more damage. Idol consistently heals for over half my health right row (i have a 410 one and do keys at 417 equipped).

The cooldown is longer, the heal is capped, and it still has the same issues with single-target encounters as Idol (too few targets = weak heal).

Then again, since all our 8.1.x gear is going to be useless in 8.2 (RIP) I suppose this will be a replacement for Idol, but it isn’t one I’m happy about equipping.

The minor is also very underwhelming. Max HP is not a powerful effect for tanks as currently designed, so the only real benefit is the (currently very weak) HoT while you’re at 10 stacks.

As a result, the whole thing is underwhelming and honestly I’ll probably unlock it and never equip it.

  • Touch of the Everlasting (EDIT: Apparently this got removed)

For BrM, the most powerful effect on this essence is going to be the flat Vers outside of the MDI (where you can reasonably get multiple uses out of the death prevention, and it allows you to do larger pulls with lower risk of losing to tank death). >500 vers is nothing to sneeze at, but also just feels like an overtuned ring enchant.

I might consider using this on my paladin if we end up in another Jaina situation, where one mistake can kill you at any point in the encounter. Hopefully we don’t end up in that situation again, though.

Honestly, though, this is probably another essence that gets unlocked and never equipped.

  • Aegis of the Deep

There are currently 2 ways this essence is remotely usable:

  1. The HPS from the minor is meaningful.
  2. You’re a Brewmaster, and the major power reduces damage dealt by stagger ticks.

but honestly, at such a low uptime on the effect (NINETY SECONDS?!? for that little DR per hit? and then a consolation prize of a couple % AoE DR?) I’m probably never equipping it over a multi-role essence.

  • Nullification Dynamo

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. The active effect is powerful, especially at rank 3. The minor power is very feast-or-famine since it specifically applies to magic damage, and not many encounters have consistent, heavy magic damage (this tier we have Jaina, Mekka, and Champions). On those that do, it’ll be pretty good (~3.5k hps just from the minor). On those that don’t, why are you using it?

The major, however, feels undertuned. Currently it shields for less than half my HP, and if I’m facing a magic nuke that hits for less than half my HP, I don’t really need a cooldown for it unless there is other significant damage going out at that time. The most powerful part of the major is probably going to be the dispel, which is huge in M+ with the many dangerous poisons and magic effects that go on tanks.

In the end, however, with the heavily-physical damage profile of almost every encounter in this expansion, this is another situational essence that might get pulled out of cold storage to cheese a mechanic, but is never getting equipped outside of that.

  • Sphere of Suppression


THIS is what I want from a tank essence. It looks like the minor’s attack speed slow has been removed (maybe? i’m not able to get in game right now so I’m going off wowhead data), which is disappointing but probably for the best because honestly it was insanely strong (melees are most if not all of the tank damage on every fight this expansion, so an 8% AS slow was basically just permanent 8% DR).

However, the major is the real spice. A HUGE slow and AS slow on a low cooldown, coupled with a sprint when you hit something? This is a godsend in M+. Whether you like it or not, tanking in M+ relies on kiting, and this essence is perfect for it. Even if you aren’t kiting, due to the aforementioned fact that almost all damage to tanks comes from melee attacks means that the AS slow on it is also really, really, really good and will let you sit in a trash pack a little longer before having to run away.


This is the only tank-specific essence I’m excited about. I’m also excited about Hot Trub (Conflict and Strife) and was excited about the pre-nerf Visions of Perfection on my Paladin, but based on comments about C&S it isn’t going to be useful in PvE by the time 8.2 lands, which is disappointing.

That leaves Sphere of Suppression as the only essence I’m actually excited about, but to get it I have to…farm BGs? Not looking forward to spamming BGs as WW in order to get the best M+ essence for BrM.

Wrapping up, the only tank essence I care about right now is Sphere of Suppression. I’m probably never going to equip any of the others, unless they eliminate specific fight mechanics or get tuned up in a big way. Based on the state C&S is likely to end up in (and the state VoP is in right now, even after spawning Angry Dave), I’ll probably be using one of the generic essences that does some dumb amount of on-use damage in a raid setting—which is honestly really disappointing.

(Sigma) #13

Some tuning tweaks that will be on PTR soon, noting here because they’ll be coming in as PTR hotfixes at this point:

  • Sphere of Suppression, Minor: Haste bonus reduced 20%
  • Aegis of the Deep, Major: Damage reduction increased 150%


Why is Anima of Life and Death still % HP based for it’s damage. Protection warriors, blood dks, demon hunters can get to insane health pools to do significantly more damage than other tanks. Can you please change this to a value based on main stat/stamina or something more practical.

To be clear, I’m okay with certain essences being better than others for specific classes, but tanks do not have other options in terms of damage.

(Jape) #15

Why the concerted effort to weaken all Minor powers? Are you trying to minimize the benefit of grinding out 55 asap?

There are no real stand out tank essences.


One could ask a similar question for the abilities they chose on another essence. DKs get a 2.5 to 3.5 second vampiric blood (depending on the rank of the essence) which is purely defensive, compared to every other tanks having a hybrid DPS/Defensive CD with 50-100% longer duration than the one chosen for DKs. It’s not suppose to be uniform I guess.

As far as minors not really standing out, I guess that’s the point? Major are suppose to be the ones that stand out. That said there is enough variety in the minors that you will swap them in/out dependent on encounter or what you’re doing.

(Jape) #17

That seems like a problem though, everyone gets the major for free and the next 20+ levels are just minors and stamina boosts.

One of the tank minors is something like 200 hps. Other ones are 59 vers against bosses, 4% haste when you have agro, etc.

These are pretty boring.


Make them account bound, for the love of all that is warcraft.