Essences Feedback - Multiple Role Essences

(Jape) #90

As a whole, the VDH changes were way too careful and small. Most of the tank essences are completely forgettable.

(Nimox) #91

Essence of Focusing Iris Major Power is currently consuming all stacks from its minor power when it damages the target, is this intended?

This is a bug and it will be fixed. Thank you for the report.

(Tyraidhe) #92

Any ideas how Memory of Lucid Dreams will interact with a talent like Divine Purpose that Procs free uses of Templars Verdict. As those situations TV doesn’t consume any HP, but does it still have a chance to proc Lucid Dreams?

(Nimox) #93

Some additional hotfix balance changes have been made for a few Essences:

Crucible of Flame

  • Minor effect rank 1 damage and healing values increased by 35%.
  • Minor effect rank 1 proc chance increased for all healer roles.

Vision of Perfection

  • Major effect proc chance reduced for Holy Paladin.

(Bull) #94

Vision for VDH will be a damage boost in that when meta is up you will be getting more souls from shear and fracture. This is only a dps boost if you are using spirit bomb. Any extra pain it generates will be useless as you will be focused on generating and spending souls.

(Jape) #95

That “damage boost” is probably going to be statistically insignificant.

Vision and Spirit Bomb don’t really work well together.

(Bull) #96

The meta proc is only 5 sec and there is no way to control it, I’m also not sure what the ppm is. I’m guessing because of the random nature we will probably end up capping a few souls but perhaps we can get 3 globals out of it. There are better essences for dps though, and potentially better essences for damage reduction.

Edit: I tried testing out Vision on the dungeon target dummies and it was not proc’ing at all. So as for uptime, it seems to be currently zero lol

Edit: Tried it for a bit longer, it just does not proc very often. Details says it had 8% uptime.

(Jape) #97

I haven’t had the chance to test out the newest hotfixes but SB just doesn’t hit enough buttons for VoP or Lucid Dreams.

At this point I think Aegis+Sphere or one of the two dps essences +sphere for SB.


Pathetic lol. Sad vision is friggin awful for VDH, terribly low uptime on a few random seconds of a basically defensive buff only. Blizz spent time finally buffing meta, but it remains just a 15 second buff on a 3 minute cd with vision being too bad to use we can’t at least have a bit more fun with it than a measely 15 seconds on a longish cd… what a waste.

Another patch, no another expansion, of spamming SB or bust. 1 cookie cutter talent build to rule them all forever. Unsubbed. 0 effort from blizz to even try to balance talents after nearly a year of data showing how op some talents are and these essences won’t change anything.

(Bull) #99

I’m starting to suspect that visions only proc’s on certain abilities? Perhaps only spenders? I’m pretty sure it never procs on shear, but this could be a bug? I’ll try and test it out again when I have more time, unless a blue wants to tell us how it works.

If it only works on spenders, that really sucks, soul cleave our only spender is our lowest priority spell.