Essences Feedback - Multiple Role Essences


Terrible :frowning: Means half the proc procs… nothing. Every other class but warlock at least get something for their proc.


The average amount of resource refund is the same. For Unholy, we can spend single runes. If I spend 100 runes on 1-rune abilities, I get the same refund as spending 100 Runes on 2-rune abilities.

(Elenstelle) #71

Yeah…I can’t imagine this will feel good at all. Can…can we just get the Destro Soul Shard system applied to Aff? Ditch the RNG generation entirely?


I just can’t fathom how they thought “let’s just make half the procs not actually do anything, that sounds like fun”.

I mean, at least pally’s get something, 1HP then 2HP is much more useful than half their procs proccing nothing, and the other half proccing 3.


I think a lot of people are misunderstanding this. It’s equivalent to refunding half a resource each proc. Furthermore, it’d be unfair if it procced more on low-cost abilities since you’d be, on average, healed more per resource spent. Now it heals the same amount per resource spent.


The essence refunding Soul Shards is different to the baseline generation issue for Affliction. Baseline Shard generation via Agony isn’t really on trial here. :stuck_out_tongue:

At the heart Memory of Lucid Dreams just means more resources overall averagely, no matter what you use to spend them.
Its not procs not doing anything, heck you can’t even tell when you get the refund until you do.
In the specific case of Affliction spaming Unstable Afflictions, you will get more shards to spam more Unstable Afflictions. If its on the second cast or the first cast its still the same you get a shard back to use again.

(Elenstelle) #75

I know that Agony’s generation isn’t on trial, but the fact that half the procs, whether or not it overall gives more resources, but it feels bad from a gameplay standpoint.

A proc that gives seemingly nothing doesn’t feel good at all, even if mathematically it all evens out. Its about how the information is given to the players and the overall feel of it.

And the Agony generation is still stupid. Hate it so much. Giving the destro system and tie it to Agony tics would feel a whole lot better even if its functionally the same system.


Thing is you only notice the procs when they happen, theres no indication when you didn’t get anything, so how do you know it happened?
How can it feel bad if there’s no way of knowing it didn’t happen? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Elenstelle) #77

Because it is seemingly ‘proccing’ at half the rate of every other spec in the game.


It’s still proccing at the same rate of x times per resource spent.

(Elenstelle) #79

I know that it mathematically works out, but I think your missing the point of what I’m saying.

Every other proc for Affliction generates a shard. During the proc that doesn’t generate a shard, nothing happens. This gives the illusion that the proc rate is halved.

That illusion of a halved proc rate doesn’t feel good because of the longer perceived drought between procs. Its about perception and feel.


About Lucid Dreams for Shadow. As it requires Drain to exist, it seems to only proc during Voidform, which I assume is correct.

Right now, by testing it seems that it procs from Drain alone ( naked test: imgur com/xtdsXTC can’t add links, add the .) which raises a couple questions on how exactly works.

  • Because Voidform drain is a constant. Does the roll for the proc happen every second or some time period? Or maybe every time Insanity drain is increased?
  • Can other spells or effects also cause Lucid Dream to proc if used during Voidform or does it only happen from Insanity drain events?
  • Since we’re here, is the proc chance 10% like for other specs with abilities that consume resources?

Thanks for the answers.

(Nimox) #81

Some Essence tuning changes that are in the process of being hotfixed:

Ripple in Space

  • Major effect cooldown lowered from 90 to 60 seconds at all ranks.

Memory of Lucid Dreams

  • Major effect cooldown lowered from 180 to 120 seconds at all ranks.
  • Major effect at rank 1 duration increased to 12 seconds, up from 10 seconds.
  • Major effect at rank 2 is now +3 additional seconds, up from +2 additional seconds. This means the whole buff effect will now last 15 seconds at rank 2 or higher, up from 12 seconds.
  • Minor effect rank 3 Versatility buff reduced by 35%

These changes should be on the PTR soon.

(Nimox) #82

Another hotfix that is on the way regarding Vision of Perfection,

Talents or Azerite traits that were increasing the base duration of the specific cooldown that is being activated by Vision of Perfection are no longer incorrectly being counted when determining the duration of the buff granted by Vision of Perfection.

For example, a Holy Paladin with Sanctified Wrath talented will receive the same duration of Avenging Wrath from Vision of Perfection as another Holy Paladin with a different talent chosen on that row.

(Nimox) #84

It will be based on the 20 second duration with just Celestial Alignment, or based off of 30 seconds if you choose Incarnation.


Exactly this. It just feels bad.


Essence of Focusing Iris Major Power is currently consuming all stacks from its minor power when it damages the target, is this intended?


And what about in regards to like Frost Mage with Thermal Void? I understand that the 10 seconds won’t be added when proc’d but what about extending the duration via Ice Lance? Will that still be a thing?


This. Sad only tanks that already are doing the most damage in mythic+ get a significant damage bonus from Vision of Perfection, while it’s awful for other tank specs adding only defensive value randomly. This needs to be balanced somehow, either add some offensive value to the other tanks CDs or the proc itself somehow for them, or make it last longer for tanks that only get defensive value from their proc, so it’s less likely to be just wasted.


Is VDH the only tank left that gets no offensive value from Vision of Perfection now? Sad days. Having it only proc randomly for a short duration of defensive value which might be wasted (where as bonus damage is almost never wasted) is pretty lame. The spec already does terrible damage without SB talented, even after the Soul Cleave buff and even with SB speced still on the lower end of tanks (only BDK below VDH in warcraftlogs). Meanwhile the specs already doing the most dmg, prot warriors and prot pals get offensive value from the essence.

If VDH isn’t going to get any offensive value from the essence, their procs should at least last longer than other specs to lessen the chance of the defensive value being wasted, but nope… shorter because Meta buff is shorter than Avatar/Wings/etc.