Essences Feedback - Multiple Role Essences

In this thread, please focus feedback and discussion on the multi-role Essences currently being tested in the Rise of Azshara PTR:

  • Conflict and Strife
  • The Crucible of Flame
  • Memory of Lucid Dreams
  • Ripple in Space
  • Vision of Perfection
  • Worldvein Resonance

Firstly, as stated in the other thread, bring back the essence vendor so we can actually test these.

Secondly, Vision of Perfection is varying wildly spec to spec. The Unholy DK bonus summons 2 Army of the Dead ghouls. Does that mean that Vision of Perfection actually casts an Apocalypse at half value?

Because with the Azerite trait “Magus of the Dead” we summon an undead mage whenever we use Apocalypse. Does Vision of Perfection then summon a Magus of the Dead as well?

Is this essence supposed to interact with other azerite traits at all?

Because some of the skills that Vision interact with ARE affected by azerite traits.

On Conflict and Strife…

We can’t really test this until we know what talents you guys intend to choose for each spec.


It was posted that you need to get to a class trainer, go to the proving grounds and you can test the essences there

Posted where?

Near the top.

Awesome, thanks.

Re: Vision of Perfection.

Randomly-triggered Shield Wall effects are not useful. 4/6 of the tanks have randomly-triggered Shield Wall-style effects from Vision. Because they can be triggered by dealing damage, they can proc while not actively tanking in raids or while mobs are cc’ed/being kited in Mythic+.

Vision of Perfection provides Guardian Druids with Savage Instincts for 2.1 seconds. This means that if the boss turns to cast at a raid member as Vision procs, it can have literally no effect even while the Druid is tanking. Even if it procs and achieves maximum usefulness, it cuts the damage from one autoattack.

It’s a great bonus for both Protection tanks, absolutely A+, even with the bugs from associated Azerite traits (although hopefully those will be fixed).


As a Protection Paladin, when Memory of Lucid Dreams procs, you don’t get the healing and versatility buff. Tested it in and out of combat.

Also, right now the proc seems to be at 20%. Just a personal opinion, but Memory of Lucid Dreams could be a great Essence for Protadins, but right now doesn’t seem as good as the other ones.

Just reading the description for Demonology’s “Nether Ward”

Surrounds the caster with a shield that lasts 3 sec, reflecting all harmful spells cast on you.

Useful in PvP where other players know to attack me, not my pet.

Not usefulin PvE. Boss damage is almost always reflect-immune, and enemies will be casting at my pet or my team’s tank the rest of the time.

Can we get something ELSE for demonology please? :slight_smile: Like the instant cast for Dreadstalkers… or better yet… A REAL INTERRUPT. :smiley:

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Vision of Perfection proccing Rapture at random for Discipline conflicts with its playstyle focusing on doing as much damage as you can during your Schism window. Having Rapture go off while your in your dps rotation feels bad because you watch its duration tick down unused because of when it triggered.

Using Shadowfiend instead of Rapture might be better, since it reauires no casts from you and you can play as normal

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Conflict and strife is crazy fun as a MW. The rest of the essences were not terribly exciting to me so I didn’t spend much time checking them out.

But as a MW who mostly does M+, I love having way of the crane! This fills a niche that so many MWs have been wanting without being ridiculously overpowered.

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I don’t like making posts like this. I don’t like reading posts like this. I feel like I have to make one in this case, however.

Please, if you change any of the Conflict and Strife PvP talent choices, just leave Hot Trub for Brewmaster.

It’s blatantly too strong right now, that much is clear. You can nerf it however is necessary, and in fact I strongly encourage it for the sake of game health. Make it split damage, lower the damage cap on it, whatever needs to happen to balance it. Please, just let us keep it. It’s one of the most fun additions to the spec you could possibly make.

It has been years since I’ve been this excited about a change to Brewmaster. It’s just so much damn fun to play with. It makes Stagger and Stagger management engaging and fun rather than feeling like a healer mechanic. It makes us care about brews and brew usage (and haste, by extension). It gives you that little bit of fun degeneracy of “Hey, maybe I can scumbag a bit and get more damage” that you get from other specs.

It adds a level of engagement that has felt sorely lacking from Brewmaster for a long time.


I agree that Vision seems lopsidedly good for the protection tanks, as it benefits their comparatively shorter CD DPS cooldowns rather than the longer CD defensive cooldowns that they both possess.

I understand the desire to have some essences that are more beneficial for some specs than others, but my suspicion is that this will end up the only essence considered for Paladins and Warriors in mythic plus. Everyone has grown pretty accustomed to running dungeons with existing defensive capabilities, so the value of taking additional defensive options is pretty low, while boosting damage remains a priority.

Not only is sporadic uptime and cooldown reduction of Wings and Avatar not problematic in terms of value, but both specs have strong talent and trait synergy with these abilities that will push them further ahead in damage dealing, where neither tank is particularly hurting at the moment. This seems like the sort of decision that could make one or both tanks the clear winner(s) for the duration of the expansion.

The essence could instead apply to Shield Wall and Guardian of Ancient Kings, which would be the closest analogs to what the rest of the tanks get, and would leave all tanks more or less with the same array of effects from essences, which I think would be fair. Performance in both DPS and survivability is pretty disparate on live, so if anything, the essence system should bring them closer, because balance in an MMO matters.

Alternately, we could all just swap to paladin or warr.

worldvein boon still stack to godtier amounts of mainstat in a 20 man raid? cant test the stacking atm, but 2 weeks ago getting 15k mainstat bursts was uhhhh. incomparable?

Conflict and Strife is granting probably the worst possible Vengeance talent after Detainment.

They discussed that the intent of this essence was to provide an additional trait for pvp rather than an outright pve benefit.

That said, a self-dispel every 12 seconds or so isn’t the worst for dungeons.

No, the self dispell is pretty awful. Cannot think of one instance when I wished I had a self dispell linked to something that can provide aoe threat, armor, and souls.

Ps. Who cares what the intent is? This is an awful vengeance choice. The essences we have to choose are pretty lackluster. At least Jagged Spikes could be worth doing the math on, any dispells from Conflict and Strife will be largely coincidental.

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Conflict and Strife - IMO this should be a 100% Non Dps PVP talent selected. Defensive’s / movement ultilty - for all classes

But since I play aff - here
Affliction warlock
Endless Affliction: Your Unstable Affliction deals the same damage as normal, but its duration is increased by 6 sec.

This talent is a dispel protection talent specificly just for PVP -
It is a Straight - DPS NERF in both forms of content -
there is zero reason to use this essence in PVE at all - It will only decrease your dps and increase your ramp up time.

For pvp - It’s not selected at all due to the fact that UA’s dispel damage is so low that dispelling UA and eating the silence is better for healers right now. They have no fear of the backlash damage or silence -
So why would we take a talent that increases the dots time length to do the same damage and in term nerfs the damage we are able to put out.

Please consider changing this to another talent.
AND OR FIX THE DISPEL DAMAGE PLEASE - BUFF IT and then I would love this essence and you don’t need to touch it.


Visions of Perfection is turning up to be a DPS loss for arms Warriors at the moment. Using Bladestorm with no agency (A spec that already has little agency outside of Skullsplitter with resources) over it causes a lot of issues from desynergizing with Test of Might Traits, to Rage Capping. This is only conpounded with it being 50% less powerful when bladestorm doesn’t hit terribly hard to begin with.

Visions of Perfection might need to do something drastically different than a CD for Arms Warriors.